SwordFish Man The Movie

Swordfish becomes super hero into man with great super swords and strength. The treasures of the pacific seas, gets stolen and evil sword his creator, finds a missing island full of thieves. Swordfish man saves princess villa
Copyright @ book, manuscript and movie
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Beginning adventures of swordfish man in story line form

9. Flower among seven seas

The castle seemed lock and dots bolted swords and fire seemed to open the dorms yet, evil sword had just the right touch and the mighty, doors opened with the evil sea captain and his shadows and thiefs the, evil sword lurked down and deep seeing an escape to hiest the jewel it was big and the flower was in a giant vase it cascade.

The very singing jewels were deep the sword swinger the mighty flower cut, and a gem so time as if a pearl evil sword swiped six jewels now we're missing he, bagged it and put away it was pure green and had many of one but jewel aside it.

The visit kept the swordfish man, among the castle the power of flying and among the mighty sky's lurked a ominous dragon and many butterfly's this island had perhaps imaginative creatures among an iron sword.

Fighting the battles were just too daring and evil sword found a trap of solitude, a giant beast among the octopus had eyes so gleaming and so, open that it screamed an iron rage this pearl had a meaningful story and a very manic monster.

The flower and the masked eviksword swiped it on the next cargo the sea captain caught the man with the sword, evil fought the many battles upon he island before seeing a sky full of green majestic ness lay it was. A ️️secret leonine passage it lead a deep gap between the crago ships and a empty pit.

Swordfish man fond the iron sword and battled a mighty dragon on the ground and saw a very ominous trap locked away, evilsword was among evil sea captains lost thieves now, a map of flower lead a continuous journey up the land raise a roaring sea storm.

The only place too rest was in a cave wih shallow waters and pure maps under was one pearl lost emerald it was somehow it gave fire, into dust, a missing piece perhaps a jewel wasn't the one it had thought to be.

Evil sword gasped the sword stuck in the golden castle, and tried to release it put a powerful wind and storm swept the mighty boat he rivered out, and swing around Parrel, to a missing and oni out sky, around the south seas.

A river and a pearl what was among a iron fire now missing, within a dust yet, Amey saved among the roaring sky.

The evilsword was just in a furious battle once agin swordfish man shadow lurked among a sky full of, unknown birds the key was a lock and the creatures abundant and fright ing 

The sky had many wonders beyond a ship lay the ️stromgy aside, a lurking, battle was a bunch of swords in  afire sky, it was astonishing view, perhaps the mystery puzzle.

The sea captain could only find a missing key and, luRk deep down as, a mysterious fog anchor the ship far from the flower, it lead very deep within a missing, chest opened and the Seabeast, became an evil moster, once again the swords in the deep cave had fire and the sky's lit a magnificiant puzzle.

Swordfish man found a evilsword his rusted gold was now completly shining armor and the sky took a more vibrant and eary sound, completely, back to a quite essence the storm was over.

The storm and theseacptai ain could see, a clearing sea, and flowers among a mysterios cave was muck of many colors and patterns of a rich down deep, Sharks and caves and these monsters were just the begining of a battle of among the sword was a feisty shark of sharks.

Eviksword had a hard time battling and sea captains found spot on the other side of rainbows and flowers of more treasure. It was evilsword lost journey ahead the Map was a the third flower it skipped a beat and rise firmy ahead of a gleaming and adventurous land it was among a new sea, it had floated perhaps a mysterious key.

More astonishing was a flower pot and an open lily, that had many faceted sides a map that so easy to take the sea captains found the tip top of a missing map. The mighty sword was, battling a giant one one side an captain found a emerald beaming green stone, aside the rest a flower would buzz out, beaming it had mysterious and unknown essence.


The mighty swordfish was one fish that had a true sword among the cave lay a trap in the middle of a quite traesure a missing sword, swordfish man lost? His armor and his mighty sword was swallowed in the angry south seas, without the wind and the sword, a missing mighty power was missing outside, 

The flower map was in the seven seas traped the sword was swallows in by angry seas villians and islands were mapped among the one Ocean lead at trap a sea island i the mud, it was inevitably small but had mighty swords among the many swordfishnman borrowed. 

Evil sword quickly his to the island of unknown fire, it's swords and flower were part of the sea captains mapped traesures, among was a land i the furiios fi tied up with jewels and 




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