SwordFish Man The Movie

Swordfish becomes super hero into man with great super swords and strength. The treasures of the pacific seas, gets stolen and evil sword his creator, finds a missing island full of thieves. Swordfish man saves princess villa
Copyright @ book, manuscript and movie
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Beginning adventures of swordfish man in story line form

5. Evil sword

The sword would glide yet a one match was beyond the flower as it sings the island floats and, a new army of natives find there arrows beyond the mighty eye was ️seen fight with swordfish man, and evil sword it was such a battle and, what it was, a mighty one nor did any one win but, it showed the majestic powers, in these swords.

Beyond evil sword creation was a flower the map perhaps was down below, many caves were trapped beyond the flower, a mighty native was trully in the seas, island they knew, nothing of swordfishes or any superhero, yet oneday it would save thier flower and jewels.

The thiefs under would be nestled a long time of stealing and robbing natives treasures, beyond the seas was a hero and swordfish man was the only one that the natives now looked up too, and with therer mighty sword he fought many battles, and many thieves hid, to get out of this mighty swords way,

was it the sword of super strength or the evil sword creation, unknow the next step bright a missing flower purely gold and ruby missing, with princess villa, a mission was a journey and a mighty, map to rescue the lost riches and treasures.

The native warned evil sword of the magic and evil, man his creater was the evil eye behind the many, swords and treasures lay deep perhaps the king, of a lost island lay just flat in the natives map?

The natives could help the journey or missing princes but long ago the map has many secrets and, since swordfish man had many abilities he was, being matched by a battle and army, he could only be, as powerful as his creator, yet there more journeys more caves more maps more evil and possibly a whole new sea, with islands, beyond that

No sea beast could find a traesure, swordfish man swore to find princess villa and rescue the many treasures yet before his journey he mapped the caves and traced the mighty powers that lurked behind him, and too the risk to fight the mightiest of flowers and this flower was beast, the beuty showed its queen.

The flower tested the swords in his armor yet, the flower was very smart then a man once swordfish, beyond the missing flower was a sunken root, of many traesures and basic jewels the queen seemed to once be princess villa, as mysterious as thta was?

The jewel was still under marked a in a prety emerald lace and so stunning it had marbles of diomnds perhaps the evil sword himself was eyeing this jewel.

The caves sent swordfish man to carefully put this jewel deep away for safe keeping. Under there was always a evil sword lurking and watching swordfish man, and his magical swords.

The journey was full of seas ooen to adventure and the many seas, thta swallowed the caves still had the open waters aside from that, many ships jewels and thiefs still were near, south sea island beyond a swordfish man was eager, waiting Seabeast.

This was no monster but, perhaps the oceans were free to journey evil sword could see that he was once no beast but a fighting villain once to look deep in thise sea treasures, the seas had many pretty and mountainous views and the battles to get treasures often came with a privw the, jewels would be rich mad the battle swords came beyond thier fate.

The battles gave way to many, pure and gold maps yet captains saw the weakest villain had, no gold in his cargo, only a Seabeast would help a vilian if the jewels were for the natives. Tricked by a evil sea captain. Many jewels were stolen and put in a elegant mine far far, for rich and money, yet a treasure be full of lost irony linked was a princes once owned by a sea island.

The next battle was evilsword own and he saw the jewel was just one of the old maos missing the sea captain had eagerly waited and before he coud get to his adventures set high, beyond mighty seas, evil sword had battled for more then just traesures, maos way and under beyond a golden gem was many more.

The only sword was once upon a cargo ship once evil sea captain was in the lost treasures never could a team of villians find a treasure beyond the jewels hidden beyond thier ️️secret swordfish man had a jewel more valuable the the whole island itself.

Saving the battle saw that the evilsword and sea captain, teamed up to create a ship and many thieves, to get to thier maos of treasures. Beyond the manat was to find a island named King island that Harbored a army of thieves and saving them was to give back the many riches evil sword had stolen.

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