SwordFish Man The Movie

Swordfish becomes super hero into man with great super swords and strength. The treasures of the pacific seas, gets stolen and evil sword his creator, finds a missing island full of thieves. Swordfish man saves princess villa
Copyright @ book, manuscript and movie
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Beginning adventures of swordfish man in story line form

6. Evil sword part 2

The hidden deck of jewels were, far between Anglo type sword was stuck in the, middle of many ships a, sure and Defiantie legue of many other mystical uses. Among the many was a cargo of precious jewels deep under, the true princess jewel had amazing story behind a wondering, cave live a princesses battle for a new colony of jewels, suddenly vanished with her.

The mighty seas said a lot, among the prestige jewel lay a locket in a saphirein green gold, among the possible jade, from far ago, it value priceless, yet beyond more jewels mapped, a sea captain evil, jewels traded among the thiefs of the south seas.

A cargo of precious, and sparkling swords would be among the, many lit and glowing struck metal yet, a many fought for evry sword list a battle, far away evil sword could tap his powers in between a list, of many was a hidden cargo far far, away some where lost in the seven seas.

The empty crago seized the true, iron melted in a storm and swordfish was being recreated, once again the true storm found a missing sword so golden, thta evil sword knew it once be a destined sword of a unknown power, yet a Anglo it his many secrets of beyond the treasures, so many beyond a world sought to many of riches beyond the seas.

It was pure sword full of cargo in the next ship, it headed a battle fought again by, a kings island yet, this island was one of many, jewels that thiefs saw, and and adventure was never ending like the battles thta swordfishnman began, in saving the great servants of the many trapped.

Deea east found a new legue of, iron on swords, magicless sea sounded to be in the deep air, yet swordfish man had many great and, battles out to seek, Seabeast were nor good nor bad, a lot of them were tricked to steal.

Evil sword was in the next cargo a missing sword found a wide, ship of jewels so abundant, it raised a mighty sword, a battle again, and glowing Anglo. One of the mightiest swords got, stolen, by evilsword, it was another list of swords among the many, battle was, an tough and hard sword yet, a fair and end one.

Swordfish and evil sword coudnt fight without a, sword, each magical each iron and yet, evil sword had more of the Anglo, and powerful Magic more beyond compared to an old golden rusted sword.

Suddenly the magic crept up an old cave lay bewtedn a trapped and missing Seabeast a ship Caves, within a tunnel was in the next light showed a tunel far between Evilsword saw, the next iron sword full of the missing Mao, was a true and timing Seabeast thriving among the maos were seven island yet to be discovered upon the evil sea captain lay the seven seas. The majestic ship floated off it broke the sound waves.

It was so loud that the sea could ripple and the caves echoed out, and the magical flower could sing no more, a truly mysterous thing, swordfishnman was eager to find the evil sea captain, and leave behind his villian evil sword.

The caves yet were shallow and open waters saw the map, yet evil sword coudnt find the map under the flower for the natives saw a stolen map that would be in a missing link, the treasure was in the adventures. 

It be up to swordfishmman now! To find the flower map the great jewels it hides and bring back the map and the golden real flower, and find princess villa.

Evil sword went to evil sea captain and the thiefs to find a missing treasure of the seven flowers, and a magical ship that would save thier cargo, off they went and the new battle of evil sword was just begining.

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