SwordFish Man The Movie

Swordfish becomes super hero into man with great super swords and strength. The treasures of the pacific seas, gets stolen and evil sword his creator, finds a missing island full of thieves. Swordfish man saves princess villa
Copyright @ book, manuscript and movie
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Beginning adventures of swordfish man in story line form

4. Evil sword part 1 sequal

The mighty gold sword lost upon oneday, found oneday by a evil villain, yet the mighty sword was once a rusty old one.

How it got so magical was unseen unknown, evil sword just knew the map had oneday forseen, thta many jewels and treasures were yet to be found.

The mighty south seas found its first and only super hero and the swordfish now man, was so mighty, he glow his shiny armor yet the rusty sword had not one any battle, among the villages was once land in the sea.

The hidden swords had, many and new powers getting any of them was, a magnetic as its adventures. The mighty seas were along a little island known as south seas.

Way within caves and many scenic flowers, prestige and wonderful secrets once were owned far far, away, and a princess once lived there.

Now it's just a land with beuty but, without its unseen treasures, it lays flat and missing in the ocean, yet swordfish man see's a angry sea and the mighty Seabeast would damoer upon the missing caves, deep deep below lay a magical treasure yet a map and it lay lost deep in a cave.

Evilsword could see, a missing treasure beyond the old was a certain missing, hero beyond swordfish was a sea beast, yet man could not hide from a battle that, began years beyond it. 

A map soon was deep there, as swordfish man drew closer to the mighty depths he could see, many deep and down maps, unknown treasures and a tunnel lost in a secret ship.

A whole lot of thieves and people with many riches beyond, that was just more and more

Mysterious, but wonderful scenery. 

As majestic as the treasure lay swordfish man saw a sword just under deep and rode it stuck in the, missing ship beyond the magic ability lay trapped and, missing natives.

The treasure was surely unknown and rich and, gold, and jewels, and a missing map seeped down below, beyond more imagination. Left clueless , the only way swordfish man could see, a missing traesure was to locate the traesure it was stolen from.

The Seabeast monster was perhaps helpful, yet helped th evil sea captain and captain harbor, his side thief among the ships lay traps cargo and many thieves helped.

Th native island was trully in peril, it was upon a road down under deep, and the only way to save them was a mighty, man hero, linked to super abilities to swim and fight good.

Evilsword still could see a trapped treasure beyond his, eyes a cape and sword yet this sword was not at all, golden or rusted it was, once magical now seemed, unmagical.

Somehow the mighty seas seemed golden now, and the evil villian that once left a island had more jewels hidden in this cave then any, other know treasure.

The thieves could on hide a secret of riches only a captain could not help a thief, evil sword seemed to have a sword of collections to trade, yet swordfish man sword was on the top of his list, as daring and dangerous as the seas were this place seemed full of Seabeast and majestic treasures.

Inn the caves the trap help the monster the Seabeast, was not yet any where , near a missing treasure kept the super hero at bay, any battle for now was a collection of treasure. Swordfish man rose above and saw a, freindly flower full of magic unknown was, a mighty voice higher then the flower. IT sang and rose every morning it, was Trullly a magic flower. Beyond the sea and above the land South Island was a treasure of islands.

Evil sword was masked and black with a caoe he could move fast and swing his sword, he was a masked villain yet, was waiting for his battle with the creater he had made.

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