SwordFish Man The Movie

Swordfish becomes super hero into man with great super swords and strength. The treasures of the pacific seas, gets stolen and evil sword his creator, finds a missing island full of thieves. Swordfish man saves princess villa
Copyright @ book, manuscript and movie
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Beginning adventures of swordfish man in story line form

35. Deeds

The marked islands brought a great peace now the journey and calm oceans seemed very close Seabeast once a great a wonderful friend was a enemy for swordfish, he saw a great and wonderful treasure a wonderful island an even better dream, in mist if his battle came a very iron shield fireballs mighty seas beast monster, unknown things, more was the mighty sword.

The monster behind a great lock somehow flustered the, missing mikee the, destiny, and rose that gave great and wonderful seas flowers and e petals that rose the flower.

Deeds were only met once they came , within themselves was an open and wonderful, treausre of among the mighty wings, in the wonferful, mighty islands that with strong anchor and mighty sand floated a bask of calm and wonderful vigilance.

The sea somehow had engulfed the calm cycle a time where the ocean would be at rest a time where Seabeast and swordfish man could become freinds, a time where evik sword could find his true identity, a deed was upon the arglo howevr it was.

The mighty seas were in open voyage that once was over the sinking treasure of a map now known as the maos. It had great strength and arose this great rose of vibrant and depth of sea colors.mdid that rainbow exist with one mark of orange and the rainbow. Could be seen far from the. Ocean depths an island just so great upon the mighty waters.

Swordfishmman wondered about the deed and somehow saw an sword he owned and rushed for the one thing that made it special its, mighty gold orange mark, any sword was just ordinary but the only way it could be a great iron and amazing sword as if it was marked by a swordfish. 

The soon made journey and sunsets that he saw and great sunrises of such beuty and wonder of somehow, the sun had more stories, of the mighty seas, on the earth it shadowed.

It was a time of the swordfishes own destiny and the oceans were now calmer they were just floating as a petal down calm stream.

Swordfish man saw the oetal and brought to his eye close and deeply ge saw the whole time eviksword was just a maker not his destiny. In great defeat, the ver monster that went out to a missing place. The spot was on the ocean it somehow seized amazing sunrise and sunsets were in the great seas. 

The seas were still open somereas


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