The Lunatic Fringe and the Queen of Gotham

This story is about the lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose and the Queen of Gotham Harley Quinn but outside of the ring she is called Harley McMahon.


1. chapter 1: Flashbacks

I have just finished and won my match against Paige when my sister's theme song plays and she walks out and down the ramp and towards the ring, as she climbs in I see the sadness in her eyes and I realize what is going on, I make eye contact with Dean and I see him looking angry at Stephanie who is about to cry 

"Harley, you have redefined this company and for that hunter and myself are grateful, this pains me to say what I'm about to but I hope you know that we had no say in what is happening" she tells me and I nod crying silently as I grab a mic

"Stephanie, I realize what is going on, and I just want you to know that I will miss this company, I will miss all my friends on the superstar and diva rosters and I will miss the fans that have supported me throughout this journey, through the feud I had with the Shield, even the VERY heated kiss Dean Ambrose had given to me when I won my Diva's championship from AJ Lee and we are still very good friends" I look to AJ when I say this then I look around the arena and see the fans protesting

"I know I'm not acting like I usually do and the reason for that is that I knew this was going to happen, you see, all of you think that Stephanie and Hunter are heartless but they are my family and that Vince McMahon can't handle someone like me, he thinks that just because he has one Lunatic which everyone knows as Dean Ambrose, he thinks he doesn't need another 'unstable' person in this company so I am taking this in as calmly as I can so I don'tgo back there and RIP VINCE MCMAHON'S HEAD OFF!!!" I yell at the ramp and the fans cheer

"Everyone, I have three words for you" I then point to the jumbotron and a clip from terminator comes on

"I'll be back " everyone cheers and Stephanie starts to cry harder

"You see, it's easier to fire the people that are not your family but when it comes to a family member is almost impossible to do it so I'm going to make this quick" she looks at me as the tears flow freely out of my eyes

"Harley Quinn, you're fired" she says then i pull both Stephanie an Hunter into a hug as my music plays

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, here we go
Walkin', talkin' like you know
I want your pretty little psycho
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, here we go
Baby strike a pose
I want your pretty little psycho

I walk up the ramp, hugging my friends that have lined up along the ramp, as i get to the top I hug Dean and whisper in his ear

"Congratulations daddy, we are going to have another pair of feet running around the house" I then leave the arena.


(6 months later)

"Come on Harley, Push!" the doctor tells me so Stephanie and Dean hold my head up as I push even harder

"AHHHHHHH!" I scream and fall back limply in pain and out of breath

"come on Harley, Jake Dylan Ambrose is almost here" right after Dean says that we hear a baby cry and I sigh in relief as Dean looks at Jake in amazement as he cuts the cord and Jake is handed over to me

"You did it baby" Dean says as he stands at the top of my bed looking down at Jake

"I will go get Dad and Shane" Stephanie says and I nod then she leaves

"You did amazing Harley, I love you" Dean says and I smile

"No, we did amazing because we have an amazing son, i Love you too" I say then we kiss.


(6 years later)

I am sitting in the lounge room with Jake next to me as we watch Dean fight Seth then I get a phone call from Hunter so I answer it

"Hey Hunter, What's up?" I ask him as I fold the washng

"How would you feel about coming back to the WWE?' he asks me and I gasp, the t-shirt in my hand falling to the ground

"You're serious?" I ask him in amazement and I hear him laugh at my reaction

"YES! of course I will come back, I might need you and Steph to watch over Jake for me though" I tell him 

"Yeah, sure, but we need you tonight because of a segment when Seth tells dean he doesn't deserve you, we want to surprise Seth with Harley Quinn's bat to his knee" Hunter says and I smirk

"Yeah, we will be there soon" I tell him then hang up.

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