Niall Imagine

Niall has never had feelings like this for anyone. Unsure of what to do he turns to Louis not expecting....


2. Obviously no chance?

A/N: Sorry i didnt update before have been busy with work stuff. What do you think so far? Please leave a comment...... Thanx Louis POV: Niall clearly doesnt know what to do with himself around her and to be honest i find it funny. Niall is meant to be the funny collected one not the dumbstruck! Y/N of all people one of my closest friends and companions! She is completely oblivious to Nialls adoring gaze promptly dashing to get some food for us. Nialls POV: Louis was watching me with a very amused twinkle in his eye. Ruining the moment my stomach gave of the biggest rumble that could have caused the biggest earthquake. Just laughing the Angel whose name i still hadnt learned disappeared from the room claiming lunch would be ready soon. Is there a better way to a mans heart than through his stomach?
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