No way back

It´s a cold winter day. A girl is in love with a boy, but at the same time she´s scared to the death of him. Because there is something mysterious about him. The things ain´t getting easier when the devil gets involved.


Author's note

This was original wrote as a school project, but I kinda liked the story, so i decided to translate it to English and make it to a Movellas story.

1. I love him too much

The apartment in Copenhagen was a normal apartment. At least it was, until that day, when the temperature was under the freezing point and the snow was falling softly down. It was the day after Christmas evening and the most people was home with their family. Home in the warm. But on the street walked a single boy. He was about 16-17 years old, and handsome with black hair and skin colored like a toffee. Although it was cold, he was dressed in ripped jeans, a t-shirt and he was barefooted. He stopped in front of the door to the apartment block. Here, he stepped back and looked up on one the windows.


In the window, a girl sat and looked down at the boy. He had dark purple eyes. The look in them was intense, it was like they saw directly through the glass and through her head. She shivered, turned around, and walked into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Her family was sitting in the living room, ignorant about her worries. She thought of the boy outside the window. She knew the boy with the purple eyes. His name was Kian. You never knew where you had him. He arrived, out of the blue, on completely random times, and disappeared in the same way. The girl walked back to the window and glanced out. Yeah, he still stood there. She hurried back to the kitchen, but he saw her. She was sure. Nothing could avoid his glance. She made the tea and joined the others, in the living room. Sat down in the sofa, tried to keep up with the conversation. But her thought returned to the boy outside. The girl imagined him and her heart jumped. She shook her head, to make the thoughts go away. She shouldn´t think of him. He seemed nice, but there was something about him, there scared the girl. Something dangerous. She sink down in her thoughts, wondering what she should do with him.


Kian fooled around in front of her. Danced down the street and bawled Justin Bieber´s “Baby”. She laughed and shook her head of him. “Come on Agnes”, he laughed. “Dance with me”. He took her hands and pulled her with him.  And the girl danced with him. They laughed and danced and was happy. They turned around a corner and suddenly Kian stopped. He got a hold on her shoulders and pushed against the wall. “Go with me”. His voice was hoarse and the look in his was begging and intense at the same time, as they made eye contact. “Go with you, where?” she asked, with a nervous giggle. “To my lord”, he mumbled. He continued to stare at her, as the world around them got darker. Something wasn´t right here, she could feel it. And it scared her. “Kian, let go of me”, she said. It didn´t affect him, he still had a hold of her, and the world was still getting darker. “I mean it, Kian, Let go”. This time, her voice was sharper. He seemed to understand this time, he took his hands away from here, and gone he was. The world was normal again, it didn´t looked like something unusual had happened. The girl was going home, confused and thoughtful. Later, she found a note in her pocket, where Kian apologized.


“Agnes”, the girl´s mom said, which was bringing her back to the present time. The girl looked up. “Could you fetch the chocolate, please?”, her mom asked. She nodded. Why not? She succeeded to go to the kitchen, without looking out of the window. But on her way back, she failed. He still stood there, with his hands in the pockets and a cigarette in the mouth. When he saw her in the window, he made a gesture to make her come down to him. She ignored him, just made her way back to the living room.


Down at the street, the boy began to get annoyed. He was tired of waiting. Couldn´t the girl hurry a bit? As Lucifer, the devil´s, closest helper, it wasn´t a part of him to wait. Specially not on a human, like the girl. He could easily seduce another girl if he wanted. But she was the one, he wanted. He felt strange about her. Almost like… almost like he cared about her? Was it possible? He had been human himself, but that was long time ago. It as long time he had cared about someone, before now, and it scared him. He was supposed to be cold and tough. He tried his best to ignore the warm feelings, he had about her. It was so long time ago had felt human feelings, and he didn´t wanted to.


Back in the apartment, the girl stubbornly refused her family´s attempt to make her play a game with them. She tried to find out what to do with the Kian-situation. Last time, he told her that he almost lost the control. But how? What did he mean with that?


Kian looked around in her room. The girl looked nervously. It was first time she had a boy in her room. When he laid down on her bed, she still stood awkwardly in the door. “Come here”, he softly said, as he patted the mattress. She laid down beside him. They didn´t speak for a while. Then he leaned over her, took a lock of her hair, laid it back again. She couldn´t hold it back, she placed her lips on his. He looked surprised at her. She looked away, blushing. “Sorry”, she whispered. He placed a hand on her cheek and turned her face, so she looked at him, and kissed her. But something was wrong. Something about the way he kissed her, there wasn´t right. But she ignored it. Maybe it was her that was being silly. The good feeling pushed the bad away. At least for a while. The feeling came back. This time as fear. An intense, uncontrolled fear. Never in her life had she been so scared. She pushed him away and gasped.” I nearly lose the control”, he whispered in her ear. She just wanted to move away from him. Half an hour later, he leaved.


The girl had made her decision. Although the boy scared her, the desire after him was bigger. The boy didn´t had to wait anymore. With her heart beating fast, she took her shoes and jacket on. “I´m going out a moment”, she shouted to her family. But she had a feeling that it was going to be much longer than a moment. “Come here, Agnes”, her grandma shouted back. She sighted and walked back to the living room. “What?”, she said, annoyed. The grandma looked at her with a knowing look. “I know that you´re running around with that boy. I know that he stands on the street.  My biggest fear is that you are going with him”. The old lady shook her head. “I know the truth about that guy. He´s Lucifer´s assistant and he´s looking for a girl he can take with him to hell”. A tear ran down the lady´s face. “Please tell me you don´t follow him”.  

It made sense for the girl. The fear she felt when she was around him, the talk about his lord, the begging about taking with him. The girl shook her head. “I´m sorry grandma”, she said. “But it´s too late for me. I can´t let him go. I love him too much”. Then the girl turned around and leaved the living room. They could hear the front door slam.

The girl´s grandma stood up, padded over to the window and looked out. She saw the boy that had seduced her grandchild. Not long after, the girl came out. The boy and the girl kissed each other for long time. Then they disappeared in the air, hand in hand, and the old lady knew that no one would see her grandchild again. She was gone forever.

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