The Island

Three couples wake up on an island- with no idea how they got there.
Exploring the island will lead to learning some dirty secrets.
Will they figure out how everyone on the island disappeared?
Or why the island's abandoned?


Author's note

The pictures of characters used in this story are pictures taken off
No copyright.

3. Couple #3

Faye & Cayde

Faye is 19 years old with a loving adopted family. She was adopted at the age of 9 and has been with that family ever since. She has many siblings and they all get along great. She worked in a coffee shop from the ages 16-18. After graduating high school at 17 she started online college classes. Age 18 she got an internship at a corporate business.


Cayde is 26 years old and just took over his father's corporate business. He met Faye a year ago when she began her internship for them. After a few flings, they decided to become a couple. He has provided and helped her out ever since- paying for her college and her bills. He's a very kindhearted person.



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