The Island

Three couples wake up on an island- with no idea how they got there.
Exploring the island will lead to learning some dirty secrets.
Will they figure out how everyone on the island disappeared?
Or why the island's abandoned?


Author's note

The pictures of characters used in this story are pictures taken off
No copyright.

2. Couple #2

Violet & Blake

Violet is 23 years old, her family died while she was a teenager. She took on a 'hippie' life style and learned to live out of her van. She works odd jobs to make do on occasion she'll hold up a sign. 3 years ago a few gang members broke into her van and tried to beat her up and Blake stopped them. Her and Blake knew each other their whole lives but come middle school they parted ways. His act of kindness is how they rekindled their friendship. This time they decided to be more.


Blake is 24 years old with no family. He grew up in the 'hood' living on the streets since a young age. By age of 16 he was initiated into a gang, by 20 he was a big time drug dealer. To this day, he still runs the streets. Him and Violet live out of her van, while she does odd jobs he sells and runs the gang. He is one of the most feared men.

Both of them are very intelligent.


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