The Island

Three couples wake up on an island- with no idea how they got there.
Exploring the island will lead to learning some dirty secrets.
Will they figure out how everyone on the island disappeared?
Or why the island's abandoned?


Author's note

The pictures of characters used in this story are pictures taken off
No copyright.

1. Couple #1

Lilith & Max

Lilith is 25 years old and comes from an abusive family. At age 15 she became a run away and learned to survive on her own. At 17 she began stripping and got into drugs. She released her pain by getting tattoos and drinking. By age of 19 she was offered a model job. A month into modeling she was offered a porn star job with amazing pay. She accepted both job offers. Her modeling and porn stage name is: "The Dark Beauty."

Her and Max met when she began stripping, she was his favorite dancer. They have been together ever since- 8 years.


Max is 27 years old with a very close family. He became a male stripper at the age of 19 which is how he met Lilith. The clubs like the strippers to go support the other strippers male or female. He became very fond of her beauty and wild personality. He was a weight lifter in high school and still works out in his free time. They share a beautiful 4 bedroom house and both drive brand new cars. Between the two of them, they make enough to support both of their habits. Her habits being drinking & doing cocaine; his habits are weight lifting (in their weight room in house) and getting a tan.




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