WARLORD (Awakening of Darkness)

(Book 2 of WARLORD (Heart of Vengeance:The Heir) Kan's end of mortal existence changed her into someone new, cruel and dangerous. Without the man who always stood by Acarah's side, she was left wandering into loneliness and anger. Filling with this emotions connecting with her overwhelming vengeance, she wakes up finding herself the person she never knew she could become.


Author's note

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3. Chapter 2

The man looked at her skeptically. "You mad little bitch. I think your fight's over now." He moved his sagaris with his big arms and swayed hard intentionally planning to cut the girl in half but halfway through his sway, Acarah vanished and appeared standing atop the blade.

"Your answers had been understood. Now it's my turn to return my defense." she jumped off lightly out of the blade and rolled behind the man leaving him late from looking back as Acarah quickly pulled her sword not removing the cover and swayed a strong arc that hit his side. He felt a crack from his bone a rib or two as the hilt crashes on his body, involuntarily arching his back forward and his face expressing pain. When Acarah jumped back, that was when he exactly lost his weight and knelt down on the ground spilling blood out of his mouth. "You have bowed your head you lowly existence. I will forgive your incompetence and heal you if you would chant your apology, but do not expect that I will have a good eye for you." she said in a superior tone.

He coughed out blood again holding his right rib and looked up at the girl with a venomous glare. "Done spouting your nonsense?" he asked arrogantly his other hand taking a handful of dust on the ground and spewed the dust right into her eyes unprepared. The girl stepped back holding her eyes that have received a good amount of dust to wipe off and the man stood, carried his sagaris with his dominant hand and swayed it off like a bat.

This it didn't seem that luck was on his side.

Three men weighed him down on the ground. Two from both sides of his hand and one holding his head down. Three mercenaries have come to Acarah's aid and the other vigilant fighters seemed to have disliked their interruptions that they stood up holding the hilt of their swords.

"Enough of this." Deck calmly said. "We have come here paid to fight, not to follow a cheating weakling's demands. If this man, defeated by a girl, will be the one leading this horde then I think I have made a wrong arrangement of allies. How disappointing."

"I suggest a duel." another mercenary joined. "Duel of who will lead this army."

"This is a wrong idea." Deck countered. "We are involving ourselves in a war, and duel would only take up energy." then he turned to Acarah. "What do you suggest?" he asked her.

Finally clearing her sight, the girl turned to the mercenary showing that she have come back to her normal attitude. "Let him lead. Aside from the fact that he is the leader, he's still under the king's recommendation. I have no complain to that matter." she replied. "But provoke me again, this squad will end up having me as your last sight to see."

She began to walk away again. The mercenaries weighing the injured challenger had all left to join the other mercenaries although they didn't really have to stop him. And finally, the man stood up with his pride unwavering from defeat. He was glaring at the girl's back, cursing her in his thoughts as he spit the blood on his mouth. His anger intact on his hot head gripping his heavy weapon an annoyance.

"Don't blame me for your death you little brat." he whispered under his breath walking the opposite direction where Acarah was walking from. "I'm going to eat your gut while you're watching me skin you alive." he said again before he slung the sagaris back on his broad shoulder, hanging it on his back while he walks away and other soldier was making a way for him in fear of being bestowed anger upon then watches his pass with caution.

Hours passed and the horde began to march away from the kingdom. Acarah was being accompanied by her horse the same as the other mercenaries who dominated the front lane of the soldiers, weapons prepared as the sparrows began to flew away from the ground and trees as they walk by, creating a light vibration on the ground with their weight stomping on the dust and this familiar sight had put back her last memories of her father alive. A war caused her loss and kings doesn't seem to care about the casualties. Soldiers are merely pawns ready to get rid of when they want something bigger and that is to conquer.

Hundreds of people dies within a day vigorously trying to survive hoping to come back home with their family and only a few realizes that. But Acarah's though came rushing back when the squad leader shouted. "Build your camps!" he said, and so everyone stopped on the space and prepared for the incoming sunset. The horde were all resting and some fed their horses with the grasses close by including Acarah. She was with the other mercenaries domesticating their horses then tying them on one of the trees to prevent them from running off and after that, they all ate dinner, sat in front of the fire, had a chat, got all tired and slept. But few remained awake to kept watch.

Even being a few miles away from their target, they should be careful and make sure that they are well aware of their surroundings. War isn't something that is done to the exact place they wanted it thus war deems to come anywhere as long as there are group that have the intent to kill. The mercenaries were separated from the other soldier. Not that they preferred being with themselves but to avoid commotion while on the job. They have no reason to cozy themselves up with people who will just die in the end, and they have known this for a very long time from more than enough years of experience.

The night went on very slowly for everyone and as the sunrise slowly devouring darkness, they continued to march forward again.

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