WARLORD (Awakening of Darkness)

(Book 2 of WARLORD (Heart of Vengeance:The Heir) Kan's end of mortal existence changed her into someone new, cruel and dangerous. Without the man who always stood by Acarah's side, she was left wandering into loneliness and anger. Filling with this emotions connecting with her overwhelming vengeance, she wakes up finding herself the person she never knew she could become.


Author's note

Disclaimer: the profile pic's not mine.

1. Prologue

Prologue: A New Phase

"Kid, the horse is ready." Deck stood in the entrance of the tent, waiting for the girl's response with his gigantic sword hanging on his back prepared to be swayed anytime.

Acarah stood up, held the hilt of her sword while making her way out of the entrance with a straight face. "Leave me on the front lane." she demanded getting out of her tent and passed by Deck who stood by the entrance of her tent and watched her with a grin stretched in his face.

"Then be sure not to trip on your toes once we're there alright." He said still watching her back as she went further away to join the other mercenaries who already are in their own horses just waiting for the leader's command. Now Deck followed and immediately joined with Acarah's phase while she walk. "I guess I no longer have any complains on your little demand since I've seen your change. Good luck on the front lines then, be sure you won't get any poison arrows hitting you." he said tapping her head lightly and made his way along the hordes of his men waiting.

His men turned to him with their own infamous grins and fearless glares prepared to sway their swords from any harm that will come to them anytime of the day. This is the war. Mercy has toned down into the minimum that they could bear to hack any man's head who gets in their way over victory. After all, for them, life is money. Acarah finally caught up, found her unoccupied horse just standing on their side as she heard a howl of her pet wolf who was following with it's tail up but eyes alert from it's surroundings as they made their way to the lone horse.

"After a year being set aside, I hope your not getting rusty men." he said with his voice manifesting sarcasm. His men laughed. Raised their swords up and shouted in cheers. That made Deck smiled in delight. "Good. Then it's time to berserk as wild as you can men because we're getting serious gold! It's time to let loose!"

Again his men resonated with strong cheer from his announcement. "Yeah!!!" they chorused making their horses shriek and exhibit their own excitement to go on running as their hooves producing dust around the dry grounds of the camp.

Deck made his way towards his own horse and lifted himself up as he raised his right hand. "Let's go kill some time now, ladies!" he shouted and began to kick his horse to run off into the forest towards the northern kingdom to join the country that hired them into joining the war. The fourth war they've been hired, and one of the biggest as of the time being after the misunderstanding between countries when the the Kingdom of Aspheros found out that the soldiers from Seques had massacred a the rural town that was a part of the Aspheros territories. Not admitting this fact, the king of Aspheros raged and ordered assassins to shut down ten soldiers of Seques that made the other king furious. It resulted to exchanges of kills that even the innocent people got involved and helpless as they suffer not just inhumane treatment from each country, but also experienced starvation from getting less and less harvest from every horde of soldier who came to pass by, forcing the citizen to offer their harvest and serve them. Those who came defiant to a soldier always ending up being slaughtered and preserved as dinner for the cruel soldiers.

It wasn't an odd event in a crisis as this. There always had been a scenario like this happening in war that the kingdoms always kept hidden from record books in their own histories that the only witness for it are the ones whom have experienced the war and the ones who died from it first-hand. It was never taught on the nobles who have not seen the patterns of war, for them it's only a part of history as long as their safe under the walls of their country.

It was something that Acarah didn't knew about. It was her first time joining a war, fighting for a country, not hers but other king's. "Hey kid!" Deck called in front of her while she was riding her horse following the destination they were instinctively taking. "You ready to see how god works?" he asked.

She gave a stared on the brute man in front of her before setting up a reply. "I don't need to know how." she said making her phase faster to have the same speed as Deck. "I've always been trying to find my own resolve and now that I'll be having a glimpse of what I wanted to do, I needed to see through it." She replied monotonously.

The old leader laughed again. "You've grown quite well enough, kid. Sooner or later you're going to get that crown back." he complimented. "Well princess, I guess nothing's gonna happen if you won't do nothing, right?"

"If this is the only way I could then this is what I'll stick to, no matter what the consequences will be." She made her horse faster again as they reached the road towards Aspheros as the horses kicking pebbles on the ground and the ground raising up with the blinding dust that almost looked similar to a fog rising up in preparation for a rain. And it has come to reality. The fog was joining in with the sign of incoming tragedy with the sky growling with thunder, echoing into the mountains and cities where the citizen began to look up into the darkening sky. The sun beginning to be devoured by the thick dark clouds.

More than anything else, Acarah felt a sudden doubt. This is a war she will get involved to. This isn't a  single kill but a bigger bloodbath that she could not ever imagine. The scenario she was expecting, the sight she wanted to paint in her head added with conscience and intimidating zone where she was thinking of herself dying to. Then she turned towards the men who will be joining the war too, all masked with a face of grin, hunger for glory, greed for the gold and the competition of their killings. It was something she didn't noticed from ever since she joined their number. 

Maybe it was suppose to be that way. She was thinking that maybe, the only key she could do it was by simply becoming like them, letting loose, enjoying the thrill, find death as a sign of glory and power. A thought that made her heart skip a beat. Becoming blood-thirst and keeping her revenge into an unwavering fire that sets her heart into the action of killing. Guthors might have hold a share of her becoming into a monster, but at the same time, the fight she's going to get involved to was not hers.

She shook her head. No longer thinking on the details of her conscience and zoned into the thought of defending another country. If this war would become uneven, then it would end immediately. And the faster a war ends, the lesser would it give harm to its citizen. Including for her own sake. There's no telling what she will realize after this war, but if this will help her with her resolutions of taking back her stolen country, then she will take the risk of not taking it for granted. And that is the thought that made her keep going.

She will have to survive, for herself and for her own country.


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