WARLORD (Awakening of Darkness)

(Book 2 of WARLORD (Heart of Vengeance:The Heir) Kan's end of mortal existence changed her into someone new, cruel and dangerous. Without the man who always stood by Acarah's side, she was left wandering into loneliness and anger. Filling with this emotions connecting with her overwhelming vengeance, she wakes up finding herself the person she never knew she could become.


Author's note

Disclaimer: the profile pic's not mine.

2. Chapter 1

Despite the eyes that looked lowly to her, Acarah didn't falter from annoyance anymore. It had been an instance she's gotten used to, because first of all, she is a girl and even younger than any soldier who will join the bloodshed. Some had showed intimidating looks and glares that she only endured to make sure none of these men will just come and fight her, after all, they were not the enemy.

"Deck my old friend, why do you bring your grand daughter at such a fragile age? She might die sooner." A man asked, coming close to the leader and gave him a pat on his shoulder.

Deck gave a laugh and gave a pat back. "Careful with your mouth, Phillip, this girl might crack a bone or two if you keep on pestering her." he said in a tone of warning. Acarah simply ignored the conversation and passed by them and followed ahead with other mercenaries.

Diane who was close enough went even closer to place her arm around the girl's shoulder. "Aren't you going to teach him a lesson?" she teasingly asked. "They've been seeing you as a weakling lately, your highness."

Acarah blinked before facing the woman beside her. "Don't mind them. I'm getting the hang of it." She replied straight faced and made her walk even faster. "There's no end to people like them." she even added in a whisper until they were in the front lines where the strong men had been posted.

The looks never departed her being. It almost seem tossing a child in the lair of wild predators that will kill anytime soon. But for the mercenaries, it was something else. Acarah was like a simple made box that when a curious and ignorant man opens, it will eat him into the wilderness, otherwise, death. Her power had grown overtime and there's an instance that she couldn't control her installments that caused her to injure his colleagues despite their strong bodies and invincible like physiques. Good enough, nobody had lost a part of their body and considered Acarah's berserk powers as a simple scratch. She knew everyone is afraid of it, but simply laughed it off to show her that she needn't have to feel more guilt on their part after Kan had disappeared by her side.

But it looks like the other men who knew nothing of the girl had something to complain with an insulting grin planted on their faces. "Hey! You there little girl!" one of them called as other simply hid their laughter. He stood up and went towards the girl while the other mercenaries simply gave  a looked at him. This was Acarah's concern after all. They don't have to interfere with her business anymore if it's as small as this one. The girl simply watched him come after her with his intimidating large built to brag to his opponent carrying a large sagaris that hung with ease on his back. "Came here to warm my evening, eh?" he asked mockingly while tilting his head from left to right.

She sighed. Tired of all the discrimination her gender and age had to bear when she's in the battlefield. "Please do not be too confident of yourself. I do not wish to disappoint your weak intentions." she softly said but it was meant to insult him.

Not expecting this reply from a girl as herself he hissed. "You brat's all talk." He let his sagaris sway down in front of him playing the heavy weapon in his hand as it stopped right through Acarah's face. The blade pointed on the bridge of her nose almost an inch away to easily cut her skin. "Bring your weapon out and try me, the leader of this squad."

"You sound very competitive sire, I think I shouldn't be doing that." she replied. It was a thought that occurred to her. This man most likely didn't want to lose and once Acarah had proven her skills down front this man, it will change in a way that it's even impossible for her to stop him from killing him. It would cause a good number of strong men if ever.

"Hah! That simply shows how afraid you are of me you brat. I will forgive you once you have proven yourself worthy of my forgiveness." he dismissed the sword and grinned at her. The girl gave a questioning look until he finally gave a reply. "Head on the ground and kiss my toes."

Silence conquered as Acarah felt the surge of anger in her system, moving her hands into a hard fist crumpling as hard as a rock as he watched the man in front of her. It was then that Deck had stood in between the two parties to avoid further casualty. "Now now. I do not wish to interfere with this little misunderstanding, but I suggest of that you should head back for now, while I still have the girl in control." he said emphasizing the word control, but his tone was of a calm man who just wanted to settle things.

"I will do it once she do my demands, now out of the way old man." He pushed Deck that caused for him to sit on the dust from losing his balance. Making it a reason for Acarah to move forward stepping closer to the man with a blank stare but a heave of darkness was felt just when people would looked at her.

"Kid, don't." Deck still interrupted quickly standing up and held her shoulder for a halt. "That man is still the leader of the squad, we cannot quarrel with someone who is a part of his majesty's men." he said in a warning. But so it seems that the girl had been devoured by her temper and ignored his cautions as he finally reached him. There were big differences between the two that anyone could see, their built. Acarah was only the height of his rib and body almost occupying four more of her built to get even.

"That is no longer the case." Acarah replied to Deck. "I am either part of neither group. I needn't any permission or orders from anyone who would cease to demand. I am higher than you think you lowly born of existence. You aren't needed for you have put yourself down to hell long enough." Her accent changed and that's what bothered the mercenaries who stood aside.  They already knew that something was taking over her and once that happens, it's no longer her decision to make.

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