Matt doesn’t care about other’s feelings but when tai is depressed matt can’t help but try to help he but matt is to careless to help him back then but now he decides to finally help him


1. C

I do not own digimon okay thank you also enjoy!


The Blond

boy woke up and he went to the bathroom and took a shower. After he was done he put on his clothes and brush his teeth and grabbed his backpack and went Too School he Than saw sora he walked to her

“ how’s it goin? “ matt Asked sora Looked Kinda ‘ worried? ‘ “ I’m good just waiting for tai “ she said “ why? “ matt Asked “ well he’s been Threw a lot and yeah...he’s kinda depressed “ sora Said matt Just chuckle “ I don’t care if he is depressed or not “ matt said admitting the truth sora stayed silent matt Walked Away And tai finally came he saw sora and faked smiled sora worried smile and she walked with him to class


I Tried Okay

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