Love hurts


4. chapter 3

I know it sounds so stupid but you don’t love me I’ve seen so much proof of that but what hurts me the most is myself for not being able to let go and not being able to stop loving you and you know I couldn’t ever walk away so you just take and take till my heart possibly can’t take anymore.

You will be the death of me... I already feel numb because of you I feel like I couldn’t ever leave you and find someone else because I know I could never love them the way I love you but maybe one day I’ll finally leave you I’ll finally have the courage to walk away from this toxic relationship and then maybe one day I’ll find a guy that will make me happy every single day and not make me question his love for me maybe I’ll start a family and get married that’s all I ever wanted but I’ll never get that from you, love is the most fucked up painful yet beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced and I really don’t want to experience again.

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