My Best Friend's Brother

When your best friend is 4 years older, and sister to the famous Harry Styles, it can be hard to prove that you really like her for her, and not the fame. What will happen when 19 year old Anastasia meets her best friend Gemma's little brother, and the rest of the boys from One Direction. Can she stop herself from catching feelings, or will she fall madly in love.

This story is going on in 2014 where the boys where still together.


2. Truth or Dare



The boys had been thirsty after the apparently long car trip over here and got some water. Afterward Gemma had proposed that we all sit down in the livingroom, to get to know each other a little bit better. Of course she didn’t stop there noooo, we had to play a game, and guess what game? Truth or dare!! It’s not like I’m a super boring person, I just never participated in that game. I always felt like something horrible would happen, so I just stayed out of it. And now after 19 years of staying out, Gemma pulls me right in. For a 23 year old Gemma could really make me believe she was younger, with that excitement she was showing now.  

“I’ll start. Truth or dare Louis?” Gemma had most likely played this game a million times. You could hear it on her voice.

“I think I’ll take…. Dare” Louis did exactly like all the boys in my class, used to say dare. Like it was such a big risk and so dangerous. 

“Ok, I dare you to kiss Harry” Ok I have to give it to Gemma, that one was really good. Every directioner would kill to see this, and their faces just screamed after help. 

“Gemma! You can't ask him to that” Came it from Harry, who tried to save his ass from that kiss. 

“I didn’t ask. I dared him” I just loved when Gemma had that “I have the power” smile on her face. She was good. No, she was amazing. This actually made me happy for joining the game, or rather said being forced into the game. It didn’t seem like Gemma and I was the only ones thinking this was hilarious. Liam, Niall, and Zayn were all dying over it. I did have some compassion for them though. I mean kissing your best friend, and with all the rumors going around that they were secretly in love with each other. It must be a bit weird. 

“Well I guess we have to do then” Louis did not sound happy about this, but he was too stubborn to back down from a dare. 

“Fine” And Harry was definitely not happy. They came closer to each other and we were all dying over their the faces the were sending each other. They kissed! It wasn’t like a big kiss with tongue or very long, but it was a kiss. This was some of the best stuff I had seen in a long time. Everyone was kinda back to normal, but I could help it. I could not stop laughing. Louis looked at me, and he got that revenge look in his eyes. Like it was my fault he just kissed his best friend Harry. 

“Since you think it’s so funny why don’t you go next Ana. Truth or dare?” Crap, why did I have to laugh now he was gonna humiliate me. I could just choose truth, but that could end really badly too. Maybe I should choose dare. Then they would know that I wasn’t afraid of playing the game even though I am. Arggg, I don’t know. Maybe I could get out of this. Yes, that was gonna be my plan. 

“Hey!! Why are you taking this out on me. It was Gemma who gave you the dare not me!” 

“That’s true but laughed so much longer then everybody else”

“Well, that was just because you two were being really weird about it”

“Would you not be feeling weird if you had to kiss your best friend?” 

“No, I could do that right here” And when those words left my mouth everyone was sitting with gigantic eyes stirring on me. 

“Then do it” Louis would have proof. Well, I’m not going to let him win this. My competitive side was draw out and I looked at Gemma to check if she was ok with the idea. She just seemed amused by the whole thing. So I grabbed her neck, and pulled her a bit down so our lips could touch. And there we was just sitting in the couch kissing, and not like Louis and Harry had kissed. We kissed with tongue and for like 20 seconds at least. When we pulled out we looked in each others eyes, and both just started laughing. We knew there was nothing in it. I had something to prove, and Gemma would gladly help me with it. When we turned around we saw all the guys mouths half open and their eyes pretty much rolling out of their heads. That made this so much more worth it. 

“See I said it was no big deal” I had the right to mess with Louis right now, and I was taking advantage of it. 

“ kissed… you just...kissed her!” Louis was in shock, and so was all the other boys. This could fast turn into a really great day. 

“So I guess it’s my turn now?” I was trying to figure out who I should ask when Louis suddenly looked at me with his stupid boyish smile. 


“Nope what Louis?”

“Nope, It’s not your turn”

“Yes it is, I just did your dare”

“No, because I didn’t dare you. I just said you should prove your statement. That wasn’t my dare. You didn’t even choose, before we started talking about you kissing your best friend” Damn, he was right and we all knew it. I couldn’t get of this, I guess I just had to suck it up. 

“Fine, then I choose truth” 

“Hmm, ok what do I want to know about you? Oh, I know it. Was this your first time kissing a girl?”

“Haha, wow how creative you are Louis. No it was not my first time kissing a girl” 

“Well that does make sense tough. I mean you would properly have hesitated if it had been your first time” Of course that came from the wise Liam Payne. I mean that’s not really a shocker.  


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