My Best Friend's Brother

When your best friend is 4 years older, and sister to the famous Harry Styles, it can be hard to prove that you really like her for her, and not the fame. What will happen when 19 year old Anastasia meets her best friend Gemma's little brother, and the rest of the boys from One Direction. Can she stop herself from catching feelings, or will she fall madly in love.

This story is going on in 2014 where the boys where still together.


1. The meeting

I’m crying-loud and hiccuping, as if I been holding my breath for a very long time and finally, finally can breathe. 

You make me lovely, and it’s so lovely to be lovely to the one I love….

I read and reread the words. 

You make me happy...

You make me special…

You make me lovely… 

I read and reread them until i know the words by heart, and then I fold up the papers and slide them back into the envelope. 


I could feel the tears running down my chicks and hear myself sobbing.

“ OMG, Ana are you crying? What’s wrong sweetie?” 

“ Violet just found the song lyrics, and it’s so sad” my voice was a complete disaster. It sounded like I had been crying for hours. 

“Violet? Who’s Violet? Wait are you crying over a book again Ana?” I could clearly hear how ridiculous she thought it was, but “All the bright places” always made me cry. It was just such a great book. 

“ It’s a really good book Gemma” I knew it wouldn’t make a difference in her opinion, and yet i tried every time. 

“Ana, you do know that my brother and his friends are coming over in like 5 min right?” What!! She must have looked wrong, there was at least half an hour until they should be here. Of course there was a chance, that I had completely forgot about time when I was reading.  Oh well what can you do am I right? 

“Are you not nervous at all Ana? They will be here any second, and you are just sitting there like it’s no big deal”

“But Gem it isn’t a big deal. After all it’s just your little brother and his friends. What do you think he’s gonna do, criticize his big sisters new best friend?”

“No, but i mean everybody else your age or younger would probably freak over having them so close” I guess Gemma was right, for most girls it would be a big deal to meet her little brother the Harry Styles, and his bandmates. I just wasn’t all about that stuff. Freaking out about a person because they were celebrities. just seemed kinda weird. The were after all just humans like the rest of us. I know Gemma had been nervous in the beginning of our friendship, that I just used her to get to her brother or fame. It did probably seem weird that we were so good friends taking the age difference. She was 22 years old at the time we first met, and I was just turned 18. That was an age difference with 4 years between us, but we just clicked so well. She just finished college, and I was about to start on one. She wanted to work with cosmetology and I wanted to become an actress. I guess that made it even more difficult for her to trust me, because it gave me even more reason to want to be close to her for her and her brothers fame. Luckily she gave me a chance and after a couple months we were best friends. She knows now that I don’t care about fame at all, and that I see her for the amazing person she is. Though sometimes she needed to be reminded of it. 

“Gem, you know I’m not like everyone else in my age group. I’m not going to freak out ok” I could help but laugh a bit. Normally she would never get nervous, but when it came to her friends meeting her brother I guess she changed. 

“Yeah, you’re right. You’ll do just fine” She seemed to have relaxed a bit, and then the door was smashed up. Both me and Gemma turned our heads in shock. 


“HARRYYYY” Wow, they seemed pretty excited or was that just me? The rest of the boys all said hey to Gem after her extremely long hug with Harry. I couldn't help but to start thinking about my book when they were all saying hey to Gem. I know I should be super excited, but it was just a really good book, and Gem stopped me in the saddest part!! I was really considering it, and was at this point just staring at my book. 

“ANA!!” My head flied up so I could look right on Gem. Great she gave me that look, you that “What in the world are you doing” look. I was just gonna pretend I didn’t get it, and be calm. 

“What?” She just rolled her eyes over my dumb try to seem clueless. 

“I think I have said your name like a million times”

“Hey Gemma she might be a bit shocked to see us” Ha right. The way Harry said that was that classic popular, all the girls fall for me, boy confidence way. Gemma looked at me and then at Harry and lastly at my book. When she finally realized what I had been so focused on she started laughing. All the guys seemed so confused, which made me laugh. 

“Ana, you and that stupid book” she just couldn’t stop laughing. I think the guys was about to get why we were laughing, but they still looked a bit confused. When Gemma finally stopped laughing she looked at the boys and explained what was so funny. 

“ Wait so, let me get this right you’re about to meet your best friends brother and his friends. They just happen to be a world know band, and yet you can't help but think about your book?” Zayn seemed pretty amused while he was trying to put it all together. 

“Pretty much, yeah. It’s not like I wanted to be rude. I just really love that book, and Gemma here stopped me in a really good part”

“Ok I guess that kinda make sense” This time it was Liam who was talking. He had been thinking about everything and this was apparently what he came up with to say.  

“Well, maybe you should introduce yourself Ana” Gemma might have a point. 

“Oh yeah. Well my name is Anastasia, but pretty much everyone calls me Ana. So Hey” 

“Hey I’m Liam. Nice to meet you” Well, it’s not like I don’t know their names, but I guess it would seem rude if they didn’t introduce themselves. Plus I could get a bit more of a feeling of how their personalities were. Liam seemed like the adult in the group. He was formal, and a thinker. 

“Zayn” He said it that cool boy way with a little lift of his head. Zayn was definitely the cool mystic type of guy. You know that guy were you never really know if he’s actually happy to meet you.

“Oh well guess it’s my turn, I’m Nail” Uhh that was a cute Irish accent. Nail was the cute kinda boy. The one that girls would turn down because he would seem too nice, sadly. 

“I’m Louis, but you can call me Lou if want to. I mean you don’t have to, but you can.” No doubt Louis was the funny one. The one who come up with those ridiculous jokes people loved. 

“And of course me, Harry, but you already knew that didn’t you?” Harry was such a charmer. The guy who almost never got a no from the girls. He had that confidence girls loved, and knew exactly how to use it. He could make every girl believe she was the one, without ever saying it out loud. He was a true heartbreaker. I should probably answer his question. 

“Yes i know who are, but then again don’t most people know who you guys are? I mean it would seem a little weird, if I hadn’t at least one time read about you in a magazine. Plus Harry you’re my best friends little brother, so I would at some point probably look you all up” I said it with little laugh through the whole thing. 

“Oh so I guess there really wasn’t a need for the introductions?”

“Oh no Louis, it was very helpful. It gave me a better insight in how your personalities are” 

“Wait, what?” Nail seemed pretty confused over what I just said. 

“So, you think you know us after an introduction?” You know that “No way in hell” voice people sometimes use. Well that was the voice Zayn was using right now. Liam on the other hand seemed rather interested in what I had said. 

“So what did you exactly figure out about us?”  I guess I could tell them, but I only got a bit and most of it could just be their facades. Plus you never really know how people will react when you tell them how they come of. 

“I could tell you, but i think I’m gonna hold that one for myself” 


“Because it’s fun Harry” I loved to see how the boys wanted to know what I thought of them. They might actually had continued this if not for Gemma. 

“Well it really doesn’t matter anyways” Gemma always ready to play along, and save my ass  in case that was needed. 

“I guess not” Came it from Liam. 




Hey guys so this is the first chapter of "My Best friend's brother. Hope you like it :-) <3


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