My Best Friend's Brother

When your best friend is 4 years older, and sister to the famous Harry Styles, it can be hard to prove that you really like her for her, and not the fame. What will happen when 19 year old Anastasia meets her best friend Gemma's little brother, and the rest of the boys from One Direction. Can she stop herself from catching feelings, or will she fall madly in love.

This story is going on in 2014 where the boys where still together.


3. The interrogation


It didn’t take us long before we were getting tired of truth and dare. Especially taking that we were only two girls, and the fact that one of them were Gemma Harry’s sister didn’t help. So we just kinda stopped, but apparently the guys still had questions to me. There it kinda turned into a interrogation of Ana game. I mean how could that possible go wrong. 

“So Ana, why did you become friends with our Gemma?” I knew all the boys must had been dying to ask that, but of course Liam is the one to actually ask. He really cared about Gemma, of course all the boys did that, but Liam was like the responsible one. He would stand up and ask the hard questions. It was actually really cute how close they all were. It might only be Harry who was related to Gemma, but they all had that brotherly relationship to her. 

“Well, I kinda just clicked with Gem. We met at this guy's party, what was his name again Gem?”

“Oh you mean Jack. Yeah I remember that party” 

“Yeah Jack. So Gem was there because she knew him from some history class or whatever. And I had met his best friend like two days before at the grocery store. He had come up to me while I was looking at this magazine, and just started talking to me. I honestly don’t remember much he said, except that if I had nothing to that Friday, I could come to his best friends party. Well as you probably guessed, I ended up going. Of course it didn’t take long before I got my self in a sticky situation. I was talking to this guy and things was starting to go to far, if you know what I mean. See the problem was that he had kinda locked me up against the wall. His arms was on each side of me, and he was about to start kissing me. I had not had enough to drink, to start kissing some random guy. Especially this one, because he was just not me type!! Luckily Gem came and just ripped him of me, and we just ended up talking for hours. We exchanged numbers, and that was the beginning of a great friendship. Gem is funny, loyal, sweet, and will always have my back. With her I can be myself. We can cry, laugh, or talk for hours. That’s why I became friends with her. She’s the other half of me. She’s my best friend” 

“Wow, you love Gemma huh” 

“Like I said she’s my best friend, and what’s not to love about her, Louis?”

“Well, it’s good to know you like her for her” 

“Nail, Ana is not like everybody else. Ana don’t care about fame and money” It’s nice to know that Gem knew that I was her friend because of her and not her fame or money. 

“So Ana you don’t care about that at all?” 

“No, I really don’t care about it. I mean money and fame is nice but it’s not gonna give you true happiness. Family and  true friends will always be there for you. Money and fame can turn on you at any second, and then you’ll be all alone. Plus what’s the point in having money and fame if you can’t share it with real friends? So money and fame is just not important to me Zayn”

“Ok that’s good to know” All the boys agreed with Zayn. I guess it was a good thing getting it straight from the begging, otherwise they might have thought about that the whole time. On the other hand it did create a bit of a awkward feeling in the room. I don’t know about you, but I hate when that happens. So I better break it before this gets worse. 

“What about watching a movie?” 

“Yeah that’s a great idea!!” Damn I really think I have fallen in love with that accent. Niall simply had the cutes accent ever!! And the way it sounded when he was happy or a bit excited was just perfection. Everybody agreed that watching a movie would be fun, and the best way of letting the pressure off of me. 

“So what do you guys want to watch?” 

“i don’t know what about the original terminator?” 

“Hmmmm, yeah even though that’s a great suggestion, I don’t think that Ana and I would like that movie as much as you guys, Harry Berry”

“Gem, I have told you like a million times not to call me Harry Berry in front of people!!”

“Ups, Sorryyy” Gemma was so not sorry. She loved trading other people, and I bet she used to tease pour Harry all the time when they were little. 

“Yeah right, like you’re sorry. Well what about one of you two come with a suggestion then. I bet you’re just gonna pick a super girly movie”

“What the notebook is so not just a girl movie. You guys would love to see it!!”

“Gem I have to give Harry right, that the Notebook is kinda girly. We could watch The Hunger Games?” I hated when I couldn’t give Gem right, but I mean it was kinda girly.

“Yeah that’s actually not a bad suggestion. It has romance for you girls, and action for us boys.” So Liam supported my idea, and after him the rest came around pretty fast too. 


Hey everybody, I'm so sorry it took me this long to write the third chapter. I have been on vacation, and simply couldn't find the time. Well, hope you'll like it :-)




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