My Best Friend's Brother

When your best friend is 4 years older, and sister to the famous Harry Styles, it can be hard to prove that you really like her for her, and not the fame. What will happen when 19 year old Anastasia meets her best friend Gemma's little brother, and the rest of the boys from One Direction. Can she stop herself from catching feelings, or will she fall madly in love.

This story is going on in 2014 where the boys where still together.


4. The flashback


“Why? Why did she have to die?” Even though I have seen this movie like a million times, I will always cry when Rue dies. I just couldn’t help it!! I mean she’s so cute, and then she just dies! 

“But, she had to die” I got such a big shock, that i almost jumped. I could have sworn that everyone had fallen a sleep. No one had said  anything for the past 20 minutes, but now that I look around I can clearly see everyone is still awake. I’m sitting on this round mini chair thingy in front of the table, and Harry is sitting in the chair to my right. Louis is sitting in the couch. he’s sitting closest to Harry, which kinda makes sense since they are like best friends. Gemma is sitting in the middle of the couch with Liam  on her other side. Then there is Zayn and Nail who are sitting in the other couch. I look to my right since it was Harry who had been talking to me. But meeting his eyes gave me a weird feeling. It was all his fault, he just had to go make everything weird. How could I ever look at those eyes without feeling so fascinated by him. And can somebody please tell me why he had to stare at me with those stupid pretty eyes!! Just looking at them made me relive the whole scene from earlier.  




1 hour earlier 


“Ana can go get some candy? Oh and that you’re out there can you make some popcorn too?” The fun thing about this was that Gemma wasn’t asking. She was commanding. She knew I would do it, and since I knew where everything was it made sense. Of course the boys had been here before, but probably not many times as I had. I mean this house was like my second home at the moment. I loved being here with Gemma. So it pretty much felt like it was my home too. I found the popcorn and put them in the microwave, since I had to make at least three bags. If I was right those boys could eat a bag each, but they would just have to share. I had already put out the bowls for the candy, and just needed to decide what kind I wanted. Since the candy was in the bottom drawer, I had to bend down to look after what I wanted. Since I was so focused on the task, I didn't hear that someone had stepped into the kitchen. I could suddenly feel someone standing right behind me, like wayyyyyy to close. I could literally feel his thing against my ass, which made me so uncomfortable. I turned around as fast as humanly possible, just too look right into a pair of forest green eyes. Not just his eyes but his whole freaking face looked so amused by my surprised (scared from all senses) face. It made me so mad, but also so confused. What was Harry doing? Was he just teasing me, or did he actually want something from me? And what about Gemma, would she not be super angry about this? Or was she in on it? I was so confused, and it didn’t help that I was standing trapped between his arms, with the kitchen table behind me. Of course he had to stare too, like this wasn’t confusing enough. He kept doing that stare! You know that stare you do from eyes to lips. That stare that totally indicates that he wants to kiss you.Should I just kiss him? It might get me out of here faster. Heck no, I was not about to kiss this player. I don’t even know what I was thinking about. I most had gotten a temporary brain disease, that made me take bad choices. He was not about to get his way. He might have those beautiful green eyes, and that charming smile, but he couldn’t always win!! He most be so used to getting his way, but not this time prince charming! This time the princess calls the shots!!

“Could you please take a step back Harry?” Oh and this did not come out in a little whisper. It came out like a true bitch would have said it, but with class. I guess it toke his big ego a 1 minute to understand that he just got rejected. He didn’t move a muscle in his body, except from his face which first seemed surprised, but then turned into a face of amusement. 

“And why would I do that?” Ok this boy was too much. Why could he not just drop it? Was it that hard to understand that I wanted him to step back?! 

“Because you’re standing way to close, and it’s starting to bug me!” Well, if the boy couldn’t take a hint, I’ll just have to spell it out for him! 

“Am I bugging you?”

“Yeah! That’s what I literally just said!”

“I actually think you kinda like it” Ok, now he’s just being smirky again! Wait what is he doing? He is moving closer. So close that I could feel his breath at my ear. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. Why is this happening? Am I scared? I don’t feel scared. But I can’t possible be attracted to him, can I? 

“Wow, not much to say anymore huh?” He’s too close, and my brain is acting like it had just been fried. My legs turn to gel, and why was I feeling like this? I can’t feel like this. It’s Harry freaking player Styles that was standing in front of me. This would never work, and what would Gemma say? Maybe just once, she would never know and my feelings would probably disappear. Boys are never that interesting when you first have been with them. No! I just couldn’t do this to Gemma, or myself. Harry was not gonna win this! But it’s so hard to think with his lips getting closer to my neck. It feels to right, but it’s so wrong! I pushed him away. Not far taking he was much stronger than me, but it was enough for me to make a point. 

“I said you should step away!”

“Okay okay, chill wildcat” He had his hands up as a sign of him giving up. But he was just even more amused now. What was wring with him! Lucky he had given up, and he was now leaving the kitchen. Yes, victory to Ana!! I got the candy, and went in to the living room sit down and see the movie. But my heart was still pounding like crazy, after what had just happen. Those eyes and those lips!! It was like he had put some kinda spell on me! It was over now, and I just had to forget about it.

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