The lost unicorn

Annie and Lizzie were just taking a walk in the woods when they found her......


1. The lost unicorn part 1

Once upon a time were two best friends named Annie and Lizzie, they loved adventure and were different from most people. Unlike everybody else their age Annie and Lizzie loved all animals and were not afraid of spiders or most bugs. But the thing that made them most different is that the believed in unicorns. Nobody else in their town did though. Parents were worried, teachers said “oh the’ll grow out of it”. But Annie and Lizzie didn’t listen to them because....they had see one! It was a warm spring day in the year 2018 when Annie was 10 and Lizzie was 11 in Red falls. They were walking home from school to Annie’s house. When they got there they went straight to the kitchen to get their afternoon snack, fruit punch and chocolate chip cookies. Then they went out to Annie’s cool backyard it was close to the woods so they had a lot of shade. That’s when they saw something be continued 😂

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