Song Book

Some really depressing terrible writing songs of mine


3. Paper Cuts

written in 8th grade - Inspiration of style- Hotel Books/Twenty One Pilots 


You’ve been having a really hard time.

And you don't know what to do.

They hate you.

one minute they sympathize next minute they tell you that you dont belong.

Society won't ever let you fit it.

Because of you're different.

And you try to stay strong but you just can’t anymore. You don't know the purpose of life. What’s the point? It’s just a mix of black and white.  


You  give them  chances to fix their  actions but they just throw them away and as they throw them away, each piece of that paper, cuts a piece of your heart.  And paper cuts hurt, and paper cuts bleed. And they bleed, for each new one. And you don’t cry because of all the feeling of sadness just layers over it.


You can’t feel that mental emotion. So that physical pain gives you something!

It doesn't last because it's just words, painful words.

And you just walk away, No longer trying to fight back.

You lock yourself away.

You lock yourself in your room so nothing can hit you.

You drown yourself in loneliness

So that society can no longer get to your head.

You wanna go back out but you're scared.  


You wanna stay strong but each day the emotions fill the bottle more,

And each day you reclose the cap and reseal it.

You don’t want it to open.

You want it to stay closed till you leave.

But you feel it overflowing and when it opens you drown! It’s too quick for you to take a breath!


You drown. You drown in pain and emotion. And it's the most painful thing you ever felt…

And You wonder what's the point of breathing when you're being weighed down.


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