Song Book

Some really depressing terrible writing songs of mine


1. Face

Written in grade 7. Im in tenth now 


Don’t be afraid to be yourself

Because there is nobody like you.

And nobody will ever be you,

You are the only one.


And when you go the memories go too!


You were the last one left…

The last one of your kind.

Don’t think It's ok to change

Because it's not.

There will be no repeats.

And you don’t have a clone.

Nothing else could make you up.


Changing and faking who you are

Is only cheating yourself.

And that cheating

Doesn’t take you anywhere

But down.


I KNOW times are tough,

And you wanna fit into society

Or the “standards” of life

But there are none!

Those standards don’t exist!

So stop thinking that!


But I know you can push through.

And YOU know you can too.


Because if everyone was the same

The world would be boring.

It would be made of mirrors..


Just having you could stop the world from ending

Just having you could push the mirror down

And don’t tell be that you can’t

Because you can do it.


Even if you try the mirrors can fall

Mirrors falling is a good thing.

Nobody wants to be trapped.


What matters is you!

Not society’s “standard”


Because there are no standards of life.

There never will be.


You’re the one who lives your life

So love it.

Just love it, please.


It may be hard,

But it’s your only one.

The only one you’ll ever get.

Nobody had it and nobody will have it.


Don’t care about the selfishness there.

For yourself, there is one.

You're the one only one

It's not there

Because nobody else is there to share.


So when you sitting in your room

Wanting to end it

Just know there's only one of you

And that one of you is loved by another.


So don't change yourself!

Don’t let that cold bitterness kill you.

Don’t change for anyone or anything

Because they don’t really love you.


Love is accepting.

Its Changing

But it doesn’t change you


You are you

And you are beautiful.

Don’t mask or hide that beauty.

And in the end someone

Will life that mask

And fall in love with the real you.

You will throw that mask away.

And you will regret you ever wore that mask

Because you felt better than you did before



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