She Is A Short Story The Puts You In The Head Of A Man Who Is Being Tormented Due To What Happen In He's Past


1. She

She stay watching  me everyday outside my bedroom window or

Sometimes she stands in my room in the corner or underneath my bed  

I can hear her crying all night, She follows me everywhere I go

I tried everything I could do to get rid of her, But there's nothing I could do!!!

She once try to grab the wheel from me and try to go on to oncoming traffic

She even try to burn the house down while I was in there,

My room door would not open so I had to escape out my window.

I don’t know if I can deal with any of this anymore

I even try to end my misery myself, But she won’t let me

It’s feel like hell on earth with her &  I.


I guess I have to pay for what I did,  But I didn't do it on purpose

Accidents happens right??? I wasn’t Convicted

But that doesn't mean she wasn’t mad

If only you knew what all things she did and tried to do

She won’t stop until I’m dead

I try to ask for her forgiveness,

To spare me many times

But it seems she doesn’t have mercy in

Me or what I did that day,

I heard her kids crying for their mother

Broken glass &  Blood and was everywhere

Sad to say she died before she hit the ground, Her kids was crying out for their mother

They didn’t make it, They died on arrival.




Now every time I get into any car,  I can hear her kids crying for their mother

It was only a couple of drinks,  They came out of nowhere

I guess I didn't see the red light, They was just walking

It was one of the kid's birthday that day, I'm truly sorry for what I did  

I guess I paid my price driving under the influence


Lord Forgive Me


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