in my head.

a set of poems directly from my mind and heart .... a look on what is going on in my head.


13. inpatient

A poem of the author's first hand experience. 

When you look up the definition and check out it's content,

it says "a hospital patient who receives lodging as well as treatment",

but being inpatient is so much more than a new room to address,

when you have a ton of feelings that you until now have repressed.


It starts out crazy, a hurricane of thoughts and emotion,

my home is turned into a scenery drowning in a gloomy ocean, 

then slowly it settles.

The surroundings die down like the willingness to live,

that put me here in the first place.


Now, still a month into the process,

my emotions I'm just starting to access.

Just learning how to deal and cope with the problems around me,

but at least I no longer feel like a banned soul lost at sea.

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