Songwriting Competition Entry

Here's my entry for the songwriting competition! All three of my entries are included in separate chapters of this book. Each chapter has the lyrics, followed by an acoustic recording of the song. I'd like to take this opportunity to say that none of my songs are actually based on my own experiences- I know it's a detractor that I don't write "from the heart" so to speak, but my life thus far has been fairly mundane and thus a little limiting in terms of inspiration. Each of my songs is based on a different story or character, be it one of my own stories from right here on Movellas, one of my sister's, or one I've read elsewhere. Hope you enjoy (and good luck to everyone entering!!)


2. Entry 2: Pretty Girl

This song's about Raegan, another one of my characters, and her story basically involves her coming to terms with the fact that she is gay (not so bad) and in love with a girl who turns out to be a wanted criminal (definitely bad). The lyrics are kind of meant to spell out the conversation (read: rant) she has with her parents about it. Aside from all the self-indulgent references in here, I think it's meant to be about coming to terms with yourself, or something. I don't know. Hope you enjoy anyway!

You got a perfect face, a perfect place

That never really felt like home

You say stay out of sight, and I don’t wanna fight

I am better off on my own

And you say it’s such a shame, and I’m to blame

You give me everything I want and less

Look at it through my eyes, are you so surprised

That I ended up such a mess?

It might be hard to believe

But I’m fine with being me

There are worse things I could be

I ain’t here to fuck around

Pretty girls will let you down

Just you try to stop me now


I’m out of place

Yeah, my face is a disgrace

You took one look and decided

That I was a hopeless case

Do you hate me?

Well, I don’t give a fuck

So I guess you’re out of luck

You let me down

You drugged me up and let me drown

I’m past the point of no return

You will never save me now

Now I’m crazy

I know you think you know me

But I’m stronger than you know

Yeah, your pretty girl is dead

I think it’s time for you to let her go


Too old for toys, just right for boys

You think you’ve got me figured out

But life’s a game, and is it such a shame

That a boy ain’t what I’m mad about?

She’s the psycho from the news

But I got nothing to lose

How the fuck can I refuse?

She ain’t here to fuck around

My pretty girl won’t let me down

Just you try and stop me now




Not again, I don’t want my medicine

Being me is not a sin

Look around, pretty girls will let you down

You will never stop me now

Time to choose, and I got nothing to lose

How the fuck can I refuse?

Look around, my pretty girl won’t let me down

You will never stop me now






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