Chronicles of a Legend

This is a set in three parts of the Chronicles as following: a) Of Ganon and Power, b) Of Zelda the Princess, and c) Of Link the Hero.

This is a narrative that chronilizes the legends of Zelda. This concerns in chronology of the eras of the Hero of Sky, the Hero of Time, the Hero of Twilight, and the the Hero of the Wild. I did my best to make it read as canon like as possible and yet adapted a few deviations with the story and the mythology regarding the roots and background of Ganondorf, the Kokiri, the wars of Ganondorf's invasion of Hyrule, and the death of the Hero of Time in becoming the Shade. I just thought I'd share with my fellow Zelda fans. I emphasize the events and characters surrounding the Hero of Time as I believe that while the Legend of Skyward Sword lays the roots of the legends, the era of the Hero of Time is the heart of the legends and each tale in taking from it plays into it as a branch and leaf add and play onto the hearted trunk of the vast tree. For me, the branching tales of the child timeline are the main branch thereof. That being said, please read and review, and I hope you enjoy it.


2. Of Zelda the Princess

The goddess, Hylia, had warred with Demise, the Demon King, alongside with her Chosen Hero. She was not a goddess of divinity as was the three, but rather, she was a deity that served them as so was her love and spouse of heroic spirit.

She was wounded, and her Hero fell in delivering a fatal blow to the Demon King with the sword that she gave him. So with what strength she had, she sealed Demise away. However, she knew that she could never again regain her true power, and that eventually, Demise's return would be inevitable. The only power that could destroy him was the Triforce, and she was not permitted to obtain it.

An incarnation of the Hero's courage would live on again. The Chosen Hero, in flesh, after proving himself through various trials would be able to do so, and finish Demise. She took sword that she had given him and sent it into the temple of sky with the Hylians that she had raised in remnant, and she gave it a spirit, "Fi" by name, to guide him as he was to recover himself along with his task. To guarantee Demise's seal to give the Hero the time needed, Hylia sacrificed her immortal being and became reborn as a mortal. The fair maiden, Zelda, was Hylia in the flesh. She would ensure that the seal would last so that the Hero could obtain the Triforce.

After Demise's end, his malice was given to all in curse to cycle over the ages.

As the kingdom of Hyrule was established, in honor of Zelda, the maiden of the blood of the goddess, the tradition was set where the first daughters throughout the royal family would be named Zelda. And that tradition was faithfully honored.

After an age, Hyrule was in recovery after great a great war with the Gerudo people. Peace was sought for, but princess Zelda, of the blood of the goddess, forebode it as her wisdom saw dire warning of this Ganondorf, king of the Gerudo. She had strong indications that Ganondorf was not sincere in his request for peace. Alone in her beliefs of the conspiracies of the Gerudo, Zelda conspired on her own, trusting only the Sheikah woman, Impa, but later, she also conspired with the boy of the forest who was sent to her. Together, they sought to reach the Triforce before Ganondorf in order to prevent him from obtaining it, much like the fashion of the design of the goddess Hylia. But something went awry. Ganondorf's coup against the king of Hyrule was executed sooner than Zelda could anticipate, and being separated from Link, she grew desperate and hasty in her decision to let Link attempt for the Triforce alone.

Going alone proved disastrous, for when Zelda had thought to divert Ganondorf away from Link and the Door of Time, he called her bluff and recognized the connection between her and this boy. He followed him craftily, allowing the boy to lead him to the Triforce. Link, being a mere boy, could not yet wield the Master Sword to claim the Triforce to be the Hero, thus he was sealed in time. Ganondorf however, accessed the Triforce and received the Triforce of power, which receded the others to Zelda and Link, wisdom and courage.

During Ganondorf's reign, Zelda remained in hiding, and she took the guise of a young Sheikah, taking on the name of Sheik. When Link finally awoke after seven years, she guided him along his path, and she gave him direction.

Six sages were to be awakened by Link so that they could seal Ganon away with Zelda as the seventh and chief sage. As all six were awakened, she thought it time to reveal herself, but it was too early and Ganondorf perceived her and took her.

When Link conquered his way to the sanctum, he defeated Ganondorf in a duel and unleashed his spirit, Ganon, the Demon King and Dark Beast. Zelda joins the sages in sealing Ganon away. Upon Ganon's defeat, Zelda takes the Ocarina of Time and returns Link back in time just before her and Link's first meeting. The memory of the Link remained intact, and the gifts of the Triforce remained intact as well, including Ganondorf. But none realized it nor perceived it, and neither did he.

Link would relate the account to Zelda and she to her father with Link as her witness as she would reveal Ganondorf's plot before his coup would ever take place, and in their minds, before he could claim the Triforce.

In answer, Ganondorf and the Gerudo are banished from Hyrule under clause of treason and deception to the crown. In hopes to prevent any further possibilities, she sends Link away with the Ocarina of Time.

Shortly after he left, the Gerudo king invaded Hyrule, and the war ensued. After much destruction and change, the thief was brought to his knees before the royal family. The Gerudo temple was torn down, and Ganondorf's loyal followers were imprisoned, and he was sentenced to be executed.

None realized that, because of what happened, Ganondorf had the gift of power as well as they, Zelda and Link and their descendents, had the gifts of wisdom and courage. This proves disastrous in a later time as Ganondorf learns of his gift in the events of his execution as is told and recounted in the legend of the twilight princess. And after banishing Ganondorf into twilight, the sages endured in their fading spirits until all was allowed to settle. There were six sages, but one was murdered, and Sarai had lost sageship of the Forest, but her account is told in the tales of the Hero as hers was bound with his.

Several generations passed until the beings of Twilight would invade the world of light in Hyrule.

The then Princess Zelda, would be obligated to yield to the king of Twilight, Zant. A mysterious character, Midna, comes to Zelda for aid of knowledge and to aid with her strength in exchange.

Midna returns with the Hero who had been transformed by the Twilight as a wolf. Zelda informs Link of the situation at hand before sending him on his way with Midna to contest the invasion of Twilight.

Upon the return of Link and Midna after being assailed by Zant, Zelda informs Link how to cleanse himself of the curse that was set upon him by Zant, and then she sacrifices her spirit in gift to Midna so she might live to guide Link, and for a time, Zelda's spirit and Midna's were one. Zelda's body however, remained behind. After they leave the Castle, Ganondorf is reborn from the Twilight in Hyrule at the Castle; hence, rendering a barrier about the castle. A barrier thought to have been the work of Zant.

After Ganondorf's plot is revealed and Zant defeated, Link and Midna return to combat Ganondorf and save Zelda. In first combat, Ganon possesses Zelda's flesh, but is quickly defeated. And after they defeat Ganon as the Dark Beast, Zelda relinquishes her spirit from Midna as she returns to her own flesh. After Midna sacrifices herself in attempt to save Zelda and Link, they battle and defeat Ganon. Midna, the Twilight Princess, is the only character to play a part in the legends in the manner of the great roles of the Princess and the Hero, for now a Twilight Princess had a great part in role, which gave balance to the part and role of Zant.

Later, over some generations, the Sheikah had developed the Divine Beasts and autonomous Guardians upon the rise of Calamity Ganon. As the Beasts and Guardians open the way for Link to combat Ganon, the then Zelda seals him away.

More generations passed which now took place over ten thousand years and the royal family heeded the stories and counsels of the Sheikah. Zelda's father, King Rhoam, funded and implemented the ground work for research on the ancient Sheikah technology. The signs showed that the calamity would take place in their time, indicating the then princess Zelda to take her role with the sealing power to seal Ganon away again. Zelda had an eager eye and a taste for Sheikah technology research. Before Zelda could learn from her mother of the sealing power in her blood of the goddess and the power of wisdom, her mother passed away, leaving Zelda without a teacher. This rendered desperation and determination in both Rhoam and Zelda. Zelda rendered ceaselessly in blind attempts to awake the power and failed endlessly, and Rhoam, in desperation, knew nothing else to do than to push her harder. For ten years, Zelda tried to learn but failed. Seeing the lack of fruit from her work that seemed to be endless suffering, the scolding of her father, and the gossips of the townsfolk caused her to look to her eagerness all the more in the hopes of the Sheikah technology. A scapegoat for her despair.

Zelda, in her growing resentment to her task was greatly discouraged when she saw her mating role of the Chosen Hero fulfilling before her eyes as Link was chosen by the Master Sword, "the sword that seals the darkness". His success reminded her of how she had yet to fulfil her own role, and when she learned that he was to be her Appointed Knight in escort, she was in distress at the constant reminder he would serve as he would be there with her at every turn. She resented him entirely, and his quiet nature antagonized her resentment even more. In moments when she would lose self-control, she would rail at him and show nothing for him but scorn. But she learned how self-less he was when, in spite of her scorn for him, he gave his life in saving her. Her eyes opened to perceive her own flaws in her actions toward him, and she now had a burning desire to learn more about him. Gradually, she came to know Link more and more every day. Soon, he was able to often open himself with her and so did she also open herself to him. When her eyes grew dim and doubtful, she was now encouraged by Link, and she would again be filled with hope. And so her eyes of passion were given to her knight, as well as her heart. In a last effort to hopefully awake the power that she had so long sought for, she visited the spring of Lanayru on the day of her seventeenth birthday. The attempt seemed fruitless as also Calamity Ganon returned.

When seeing the results of the day in Ganon's onset, Zelda and Link were forced to flee for their lives. In hope to live to fight another day. They hadn't missed a beat as they were running on the adrenaline of utter shock. How did Ganon sabotage and infiltrate their plans: the Divine Beasts, the Guardians? While fleeing through the forests and rain in such racing of minds, they faltered in the run as Zelda slipped from Link's hand and collapsed. With racing mind she pondered the deeds of the day, took the blame upon herself, and shook in despair. And Link comforted her.

They made it as far as the Hateno fort before the Guardians, possessed by Ganon, assailed them. Link fought in defense of Zelda in giving himself to whatever wound he received and pushed to the point that his strength would falter, and when Zelda urged him to leave to save himself, he made ready as he yet showed himself to be of an unbreakable spirit. Zelda in giving herself for Link, her beloved knight, stood between him and the Guardian, and in her act of love, she awoke the power in defeating the surrounding Guardians. However, it was too late for Link, for he had been mortally wounded, and now he passed out as he was dying. Zelda, at first perception, mistook him for dead, but Fi, the legendary spirit from the goddess that dwelt in the Master Sword, spoke to her in comforting her with the fact that he yet lived, raising her hope to save him.

In desperation to save Link, Zelda sets things in motion for the roles to be presumed in a later time. She sent Link to the Shrine of Resurrection to be raised to fulfill his role at another time, and if possible, to win back the Divine Beasts to tip the scales in their favor. And while she waited, she contested Calamity Ganon as they battled powers to withhold him from Hyrule's destruction until Link would return to be ready again to fulfil his role.

She manifests herself to her knight after the battle that she always believed him to fulfil his role. Although they are greatly saddened with handling the memories of the past century, she delights in rebuilding Hyrule as she looks to the future with her knight.

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