Royal Blood

Francis and Adelina have been engaged to each other since they were just toddlers. When they're both of Royal Age the date is set for their fates to be sealed. They'll need each other for the battles they'll face and the enemies they'll make but together they're stronger than a nation. Adelina will discover that Royal court is just as intimidating as a battle field and Francis will realise the weight of the crown is heavier than he thought.
Read and Follow their inevitable and crazy love story!


4. The seduction

Kenna and Claudia were right when they said Francis wouldn't be able to stop staring. The dress was a halter neck corset with no sleeves and a ball gown skirt. The corset was covered in diamonds and rubies where as the skirt was just a deep red colour. I had my hair in a fancy volumous bun with pieces of curly hair left out to frame my face. Kenna had added ruby pins and Claudia had done a beautiful brown smoky eye and red lip.

"Adelina it worked!" Claudia whispers excitedly in my ear.

"He's practically having sex with you the way he keeps staring!" Kenna giggles. I gasp and try and resist the girly giggle threatening to spill.

We were standing by the lake where everyone from court had gathered to have a tea party. The Queen had arranged it has a fair well to my mother before she left. The sun was high in the sky and the grass was a bright green. I excuse myself when I see my mother standing alone.

"Oh Adelina you look beautiful." She smiles, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you." I smile sadly.

"Oh darling we'll see each other soon. Now go have fun!" She laughs sending me on the way. With one last regretful look I leave and join Kenna and Claudia. The Queen had arranged a small orchestra who played a song me and the girls hadn't heard in years.

"We have to dance!" Kenna exclaims pulling my arm.

"I can't Kenny." I sigh. I was a queen; I can't be seen dancing like a little girl.

"I know what you're thinking Addy but you're 18. Now come on!" Claudia laughs. Eventually, I give in and let them drag me to the dance space.

Everyone watches and smiles a we dance, hand in hand, to the song. I can hear Francis chuckling at us as we dance and laugh outrageously. My mother is smiling with happiness to see me acting like a normal 18 year old and a few people take our lead and start to dance as well.

"Can I interrupt?" An unfamiliar voice speaks as I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and see Lord Draco, from the 2nd Kingdom behind me. Kenna and Claudia excuse themselves and walk away, leaving me with Lord Draco.

Francis's POV:

I watch envious as Lord Draco, from our rival kingdom, puts his hands around Adelina's skinny waist. She looks uncomfortable when they stop dancing and when he whispers something in her ear I instinctively walk up to them.

"May I take my fiancé of your hands?" I chuckle half heartedly as I stand before them. Adelina's face is pale and her hands shake.

"Of course. Good bye Adelina Queen of the 5th Kingdom." He says slyly and bows his head.

"What happened?" I stress as I hold her hands to steady them. She goes to speak but looks completely lost for words.

"Adelina, you're shaking. Calm down." I force her hands to my neck and I put mine on her waist. If anyone here thinks she's been scared by Draco, they'll use it against her.

"He wants me dead Francis; he wants my kingdom for himself." She stutters as tears threaten to spill.

"Listen you aren't going die Addy, you're under my protection. Now he's staring at us, waiting for us to look weak. Dance with me Adeline." I say as I start to lead her into a dance. She starts off shaky as she regains herself but soon she's dancing beautifully yet still has a scared look in her eyes. I elegantly lift her up, keeping her gaze, and place her delicately back to the floor. Everyone stopped and stared at us as we danced and when we finished they erupted in cheer.

"I'm sorry for how I handled things last night." I sigh as I take her hand, leading her away from the crowd.

"I'm sorry too, for what I said." She says in a small quiet voice.

"Don't apologies, you were right... So right that I've dismissed my mistress." I smile as she looks up with hope and relief riddled in the smile lines that have appeared.

"Thank you Francis." She smiles, squeezing my hand.

"You're welcome Addy." I chuckle and then pull her back towards everyone.

Adelina excuses herself and goes to stand with her Ladies while I stand with my Future Royal guards.

"What was that about Francis?" William asks sceptically.

"Lord Draco needs to be eliminated. He threatened Adelina: he wants her throne." I say with hatred in my voice.

"Why Sebastian shall we go for a hunt tomorrow?" Benet asks with a sly smile.

"Oh and should we invite our dear friend Draco with us?" Sebastian responds with a playful smirk.

"Perfect idea! Now Charles go and invite the prey I mean Lord Draco." Benet smirks.

"You boys scare me some times." I laugh, slapping Sebastian on the back. Charles slyly walks off and when he greets Lord Draco he puts on a very convincing act of false friendliness.

When Adelina left the Palace my heart broke. Just as we were beginning to truly depend on each other, we were ripped apart. I was lucky to have these boys with me, they kept me sane.

"Come now Francis, let us get drunk!" William laughs as he shoves a goblet into my hand.

"Good plan!" I laugh back and down the wine.

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