Royal Blood

Francis and Adelina have been engaged to each other since they were just toddlers. When they're both of Royal Age the date is set for their fates to be sealed. They'll need each other for the battles they'll face and the enemies they'll make but together they're stronger than a nation. Adelina will discover that Royal court is just as intimidating as a battle field and Francis will realise the weight of the crown is heavier than he thought.
Read and Follow their inevitable and crazy love story!


2. The Palace

The whole time as we rode it reminded me of when the boys were just royal guards in training and Francis and I were just children believing in stupid fantasies. The boys were selected from villages and made to become the crown Prince's most trusted friends and protectors. They were ridiculously skilled in battle, strategy and hunting. While I stayed at the Kingdom we all became quick best friends but me and Francis always had that extra spark.

"It seems bigger from what I remember." I chuckles lightly as Francis jumps down and grabs me delicately by the waist, pulling me down. He smirks and offers me his hand which I happily took. Francis was still the gentleman towards me from when we were 9 yet somehow he had this dangerous aroma. Something has happened and I'm determined to know what. We walk through the court yard towards the cluster of people waiting my arrival. I say hello to all the people, most of them were living at court, and ,made small conversation with Francis and the boys until a large trumpet starts tooting a tune.

"Adelina!" The King cheers walking through the gap the people had made him. 

"Hello your Lordship." I smile timidly as he embraces me in a tight hug.

"I guess we should be saying Queen Adelina now."  The queen smiles, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Adelina will do just fine." I chuckle. My mother and the Queen wonder off catching up and discussing the alliance and marriage between Francis and I.

"Welcome back, I hope Francis has treated you well." The King chuckles.

"Yes... he has." I smile, giving Francis a playful.

"You must be tired. I'll have a maid escort you to your chambers then your Lades will arrive." He smiles and then walks away confidently.

"See you soon Addy." Francis grins, kissing my hand, and then him and his future Royal Guards go off towards the stables. I have a spring in my step at the thought of seeing Kenna and Claudia again. When I left Francis the girls went to the exotic fourth Kingdom to train and look for possible suitors. It's been five years since I've seen Kenna's shocking bright green eyes and Claudia's raven black hair.

My chambers is a series of open space rooms all connected by ivory covered arch ways. The windows don't actually contain glass but they have a large depth-room enough for me to lie down on. I have a four posted bed covered in heavy quilts and silk pillows and a large vanity with an even bigger mirror. The walls are a creamy white with golden swirls and leaves scattered across. I trace my hand over the surface of the window ledge and stare at the sea view. My room was along the same corridor as Francis and our rooms attached by a wide terrace.

"Queen Adelina your Ladies have arrived." The maid states as she finishes emptying my dresses into the oak wardrobe. I squeal and run back to my room where the two familiar faces of my best friends beam at me.

"I missed you guys so much." I smile as I embrace Kenna and Claudia. The crown Prince had his Royal guards and I had my Ladies.

"How are you Adelina?!" Kenna grins.

"I'm great now! How was the 4the Kingdom?" I say excitedly as I drag them to the little sofas in my room.

"Incredibly hot." Claudia groans dramatically.

"Any suitors?" I tease.

"There were a few but they were either way too old or just so boring. If I marry it will be for love not.." Kenna stopped herself before looking down at her hands, "Sorry."

"Oh don't be silly. I have my royal duties and what not." I say lightly.

"How is Francis?" Claudia smiles lying back with her feet over Kenna, trying to change the subject.

"He was nice, a gentleman even, when I saw him but he did prank me by pretending to be a bandit." I chuckle.

"What!" They shout in unison.


"Francis is still a boy at heart then." Claudia chuckles as we walk down the corridors arm in arm.

"Yes but... He's different." I sigh as I start to stare out one of the open windows that have an incredible view of the garden.

"It has been five years Addy." Kenna says sarcastically.

"I know but.. Urgh why can't we just be 9 year olds again? When the world was simple and me and Francis's royal duties were still light years away?" I moan as I slump down, defeated, onto the cushiony window bench.

"Adelina you're the future Queen of the first kingdom and already Queen of the fifth. You're life is never going to be simple." Claudia sighs. I look at here with a depressed frown and rest my head on Kenna's shoulder. She kisses my head sympathetically and strokes my hair. It was annoying how right Claudia was. When I marry Francis, him and I will be the future rulers of two mighty kingdoms. I'll be forced to pop out babies left, right and centre and I'll never not be busy. I just pray to the Gods that my whole life isn't just stuffy ball gowns and Kingdom related business.



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