Royal Blood

Francis and Adelina have been engaged to each other since they were just toddlers. When they're both of Royal Age the date is set for their fates to be sealed. They'll need each other for the battles they'll face and the enemies they'll make but together they're stronger than a nation. Adelina will discover that Royal court is just as intimidating as a battle field and Francis will realise the weight of the crown is heavier than he thought.
Read and Follow their inevitable and crazy love story!


1. The First Meeting.

"Get up, the boat will be landing soon!" My mother stresses as she chucks a pillow at my head.

"Mother!" I groan as I grab the heavy quilt and shove my face under it.

"Adelina I will not ask again." My mother snaps. With a loud groan I sit up and brush my golden hair out my face. A view of the coast and the sea stares at me from the open window.

"Go and have a wash. The maids will be in to dress you." And with that she leaves the room.

I stumble towards the bath room as the boat sways on the waves. We've been traveling for over a week to get to the 1st Kingdom where Francis waits for me. When I turned four I became promised to him and stayed at his palace until I was 13 but then my Royal duties to the my kingdom, the 5th, got in the way so I had to leave. Now, five years late, I am returning. When my father died, I became Queen of the Fifth Kingdom but I was only 8 then so I've had Reagents looking after my Kingdom. I'm 18 so now I am the official Queen of The Fifth Kingdom and when Francis and I marry, he'll be King of it and I'll be Queen of his.

Quickly I wash my face and do my teeth. The maids are waiting for me and help me out my night gown and into my dress. It was an off the shoulder gold corset with a floor length skirt that came out a little by the waist. The dress had square neck line rimmed with diamonds the size of grapes as did the hem of the skirt. It was pleated at the front in three long triangle and the middle was covered in a thin white lace. The sleeves were thin lace with little gold specks fluttered on them. My hair had been put into a loose disrupted French braid and had golden pins the shape of leaves stuck into it.

"You look beautiful Addy." My mother gasps as she walks into the bedroom.

"Thank you mother." I blush giving her a little spin.

"Malory please get the diamond ear rings, the chunky sapphire necklace and the matching rings and bracelet. Oh and her crown!" My mother commands as she holds her chin delicately in one of her jewelled hands. The maids quickly put the jewels on me and then swiftly exit. The crown was a heavy golden tiara with dainty diamond and sapphire details. It was my mothers crown she used when she went on royal visits as Queen so now I am following in her footsteps.

"I've heard the rumours about him mother." I whisper as she fiddles doing my make up.

"Adelina that's all they are, rumours." She sighs with a small smile. I'm about to respond when a scrawny ginger boy nocks on the door telling us we were there. I look at my mother for reassurance and she gently nods her head.

She walked in front as we are carefully escorted off the boat. Salty sea air splashed against my face as I made my way across the sandy cove. In the distance sea gulls and other birds squawk and the comforting sound of the waves stayed constant. I take a deep breath and step into the gold carriage that awaited us on top of the steep slope leading towards the beach. Francis and the Royals will be waiting for our arrival at the Palace but right now we had guards escorting us to them.

"Really make an effort with Francis, Addy. I know the rumours frighten you but...But you have to be brave. He's still the little boy who brought you roses every morning and taught you to ride." My mother smiles grasping my hand. I try so give a believable smile but it isn't convincing at all. The carriage jolts with an abrupt stop and the sound of shouting and horse hooves fills my ears.

"Mother what's happening?" I panic as metal slashes against metal.

"It's fine." My mother says trying to calm me down. My breath starts to catch on my throat and my heart slams against my rib cage. The world starts to spin around but when a familiar voice starts to chuckle I suddenly turn from being scared to angry.

"Francis!" I shout as I step out the carriage, arms crossed over my chest.

"Oh you should have seen your face Addy!" He cackles as he slaps his knees, wiping tears from his eyes.

"That wasn't funny! I'm a Queen, I could have your head!" I snap. Him and the stupid boys I had grown up with stand dressed in bandit costumes with cheeky grins on his face.

"Hey it wasn't just me. Charles, Benet, Sebastian and William all had a role to play in the most epic prank ever pulled!" He chuckles as he takes his hood down releasing a bundle of blonde curls.

"They aren't future Kings." I scoff as I dramatically roll my eyes.

"I've missed you so much Adelina." He grins as he walks confidently over to me.

"Of course you have." I smirk as he embraces me in a warm hug.

"Come on you two, we gotta get to the Palace." Sebastian chuckles. I say a quick hello to my childhood friends an go to get back into the carriage.

"Addy ride with me." He smiles cheekily, grabbing my thin arm. I look at my mother for permission and she smiles while gently nodding her head.

"What have you guys been up to then?" I smile as the horse peacefully walk towards the Palace; I sit riding side saddle behind Francis.

"Keeping Francey over there out of trouble." William chuckles.

"What about you?" Benet asks.

"I've been the Queen of the Fifth Kingdom." I laugh lightly.

"And soon you and I will rule the Fifth and First Kingdom together." Francis smiles as he gives my hand a tight squeeze. It isn't until we are less than 2 minutes away when I get a good look at Francis. He's become much more muscular and I can feel his biceps through his thin white shirt. His hair is a lighter blonde with little curls and his eyes are a piercing blue. His jaw line is sharp and he has finally grown into his nose.

"Welcome Queenie." Charles chuckles as we trot through the gates.


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