Royal Blood

Francis and Adelina have been engaged to each other since they were just toddlers. When they're both of Royal Age the date is set for their fates to be sealed. They'll need each other for the battles they'll face and the enemies they'll make but together they're stronger than a nation. Adelina will discover that Royal court is just as intimidating as a battle field and Francis will realise the weight of the crown is heavier than he thought.
Read and Follow their inevitable and crazy love story!


5. Our World

I walk down the hallway to my chambers. I haven't seen Francis this morning at all or the King. This morning when I was at breakfast with my soon-to be-family, The Queen, Marietta, had told me Francis and his friends, along with Lord Draco, went out on a hunting trip. I flop onto the little couch the moment I'm in my private living room. A few minutes ago Kenna and Claudia were chasing me around the lake like horses on sugar! My stomach hurt from laughing to much and my muscles were aching. Normally I never run, hell that was probably more exercise than I've done in a year! I close my eyes for mere seconds when a loud nock interrupts my peace and quiet.

"Come in!" I call fustraitedly as I lie back onto the sofa, still keeping my eyes closed.

"Your Grace, The Queen is expecting you in the State Hall. She asks of you to come quickly." He announces. I open my eyes reluctantly and gracefully swing my legs off the pillow covered couch.

As I walk to the State Hall my wine purple dress sways left and right. It was off the shoulder with thick straps that hung on my upper arm and it had a sweet heart neck line. The dress was a deep purple coloured silk and went out at the waist like a water fall. The bottom was detailed in diamond henna patterns and twinkled in the golden sun. My hair was in loose curls to my waist and I had a glimmering tiara resting on my light brown hair. I had diamond earing and a thin chocker on with a sun charm on it.

Marietta was standing over a stack of paper and documents looking highly stressed. It was strange to see her alone here, since the state hall is reserved for the King and his advisers.

"Adelina my sweet girl, have a seat. We have much to discuss." She smiles as she looks up to see me sashaying over. I smile warmly back and take a seat opposite her on the grand oak table.

"I have decided to have a ball here tomorrow evening to announce your engagement with Francis as well a possible early descend to the throne. You and your ladies will make yourself presentable."

I frown as my mind races in confusion. Francis and I weren't officially engaged until March and why on heaven's earth would we be taking the throne so soon? Her and the King were still in perfect health and still had adoring subjects.

"Marietta, what is going on?" I demand as I take hold of her hand as it flies over different papers. She freezes and lets out a shaky sigh.

"Well, there has been a slight change of plans....Adelina, what I am about to tell you is highly confidential. Understand?"

What can be so important? I nod but before Marietta can open her mouth the doors open and a guard runs in looking completely frantic.

"My Queens! You have to come to the northern courtyard. The hunting party has returned, but there has been an unfortunate accident." He stresses.

As he says that Marietta and I stand up, sharing a panicked look. Please don't let it be my Francis.

"WHO HAS BEEN HURT!" She demands as we begin to power walk towards the Northern Courtyard.

"We are not sure who has been hurt." The guard informs as we fly down the empty corridors.

I catch some mumbles of Marietta along the lines of, "Can no one bring a queen some proper decent information or do I have to dig for it in the rubbish bin myself?"

As we enter the courtyard my eyes frantically search for Francis. White horses, carriages, hectic people and a stretcher meets my gaze. My stomach drops and I start hyperventilating. Marietta scowls and starts shouting at guards until she gasps and grabs my shaking hand.

"It's okay Adelina, Francis is there!" She sighs, relief in her voice. I grip my heart with my spare hand and let out shaky breaths as we watch Francis hurry over to us.

"Adelina, what's wrong?" He stresses as he pulls me into a tight bear hug.

"She thought you were dead you stupid boy!" Marietta snaps, slapping Francis on the head. He looks confused but then realises why we thought he'd been killed.

"I'm so sorry, to both of you." Francis sighs, giving his mother a tight squeeze.

"What happened Francis?" I stress as he grips my hand. Before he can respond William interjects.

"We were out in the Eastern woods hunting a stag when Lord Draco took a fateful fall. Unfortunately we weren't quick enough and he bled to death."

Francis and I share a look and he nods his head with a clenched jaw. William and Marietta walk off, privately discussing something, leaving me to stay with Francis.

"Don't do that to me again." I snap playfully as he kisses my forehead.

"I wont." He chuckles.

"Promise?" I smile.



I decided to redo a few chapters as it was brought to my attention that it was rushed. Hope you enjoy this though!



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