Royal Blood

Francis and Adelina have been engaged to each other since they were just toddlers. When they're both of Royal Age the date is set for their fates to be sealed. They'll need each other for the battles they'll face and the enemies they'll make but together they're stronger than a nation. Adelina will discover that Royal court is just as intimidating as a battle field and Francis will realise the weight of the crown is heavier than he thought.
Read and Follow their inevitable and crazy love story!


6. Our Realm

“Are you sure this looks alright? The Queen said that your dress had to be a vision of power and beauty. Maybe we should add more diamonds..." Claudia begins to threat as she inspect me. I chuckle and give her a hearty smile.

"The dress is beautiful Claudia, stop threating."

Claudia was always the one to worry about my dress and would frustrate herself with impossible scenarios. Kenna stifles a laugh as she gives Claudia a comforting hug.

My eyes avert to the mirror where a beautiful reflection stares back at me. The dress was a hug shoulder corset in a matte smoke grey that slimly fit my torso but the skirt was beautiful and flowy in a light shade of slate. It flooded down my legs in thin piled layers with the hem laced with small tourmaline stone crystals. I had matching silver feather earrings with a necklace with my kingdoms symbol- two swords crossed together. My hair was in an elegant yet volumous bun with a delicate tiara covered in diamonds and sapphires. Kenna had done a fierce silver smoky eye with a shocking dark blue under my lower lash line.

“I think this will be more than enough. Leave the diamonds for another dress." I say as I clasp my jewelled hands together. Claudia nods reluctantly and her and Kenna begin to complete the final touches to my make up, adding a rose scented oil to my lips.

Earlier the Day:

Francis and I walk quickly back into the State hall, closely followed by Marietta. The atmosphere instantly became tense when we took our seats at the table.

“Mother, where is Father?" Francis asks, concern rising in his tone. I grip his hand to lend some comfort and he quickly squeezes back.

Marietta sighs heavily and slowly walks to one of the windows. As she speaks she doesn't face us, only keeping her eye on the horizon. There is a long pause before she speaks and I can tell the silence is killing Francis.

"Your Father, our King,was found yesterday morning on the floor at the side of his bed. He has not regained consciousness and the Court physician fears he might not make it through the night... We must be ready for you both to marry. If he dies tonight you must wed either tomorrow or the next day. Our Kingdom can not be ruled by a separate King or Queen.”

“What is wrong with him? Can I see him?” Francis shoots up, white as a ghost and fear in his eyes. Her head shoots up as she starts walking back to calm Francis.

“No, you can not see him. It will spark confusion among the nobles. They don’t know, they're under the impression that he has a bad head ache and is confide with bed rest. We don’t know what is wrong with him-we suspect that he might be poisend. That is why, Adelina, you are the closest to his chambers. Have you seen any thing that night. Something unusual?” Marietta asked looking at me full of hope. My mind raced as I fought to find an answer. I frown when I can't remember anything.

“No, unfortunately not. I will ask my ladies if they had seen anything. Is there anything we can do to help you, with the nobles? I am more than willing to help.”

“Thank you, but I can’t allow you to slack on your kindom’s royal duties.” She sighs, giving my shoulder a tight squeeze.


I wonder down the moon lit corridors to the Ender Hall- a small, marble floored room for the royal family to go to before the start of the ball. Francis promised that we'd meet here but him and his Royal Guards are no where to be seen. Claudia and Kenna stand at my side in beautiful black dress. They give me reassuring smiles and then take my hands, giving them a squeeze. Suddenly Francis and his Guards storm in looking slightly flushed.

Francis had a slate coloured suit on with a gold sword handle sticking out his leather sword sling. His blonde curls were kept out his face by a heavy gold crown covered in rubies and gems. A smile lights his face as he walks towards me. Together we stand a meter behind Marietta, hand in hand, with our heads held high. Kenna and Claudia walk between Sebastian and Benet where as Charles and William stand a distance from mine and Francis's side.

"You ready for this Adelina?" He asks dismissively.

"Ready will never come to people like us; We will always be uncertain and always forced." I reply dryly which makes him snigger.

“EVERY ONE TAKE YOUR PLACES, STAND IN ORDER!” Marietta announces taking her place upfront. Everyone in the room finish their nervous murmurs and look forward, heads high. Having parties like this always meant gossip so Royalty always had to look calm, in control and most of all: Powerful. If even a crack appeared in this mask then war would break out completely. The first Kingdom controls all of the Kingdoms and so, we need to be in control.

The guard gathers all the guests' attention and then begins to introduce us, "Queen Adelina Rose of the Fifth Kingdom, Queen Marietta Ruby of the First Kingdom, Prince Francis Hunters Crown Prince of the first Kingdom and his Royal Guards and so on and so forth."

Then we all walk in with an awe of sophistication and power, non of us breaking the fake smile plastered on our china faces. Lords and Lades stare admiring us and even the servants take a minute to behold the Royal beauty. With out skipping a beat the orchestra start playing a slow pace melody as me and Francis take our space on the marble ball room dace floor. Kenna had Benet's hands on her waist while Claudia had William blushing with her.

The orchestra started playing a cello and violin waltz as Francis and I begin spinning and stepping. All eyes were on us as we danced, never missing a beat. Francis grabbed my waist, lifting me high up into the sky, as we span and landed me elegantly back onto my glass heels. We never broke eye contact as we danced and as the music began to die down, so did the surroundings. It became just as two in the room, everyone else seemed to fall away. I was brought back to reality when a loud round of applause erupts from the crowed. A small smile played on my lips as Francis seemed to be thinking the same as me. I do a deep courtesy as he does an elegant bow and then Francis takes my arm and leads me off the dance floor.

"Adelina I'd like to take you horse riding tomorrow." Francis smiles as he passes me a silver goblet filled with red wine.

"Oh really?" I respond playfully.

"Yes, what do you say?"

"I'd love to Francis." I smile and as I say it a bigger smile reaches across his face. We were talking between ourselves, occasionally drifting to greet a few Nobles, when Marietta taps a spoon against her goblet, calling for attention. Francis and I share a nervous glance before walking a few more steps forward. A light whisper arises but when Marietta lifts her hand it falls completely.

"Tonight we have gathered to celebrate Adelina's and Francis's engagement," She smiles and an applause wipes around the room, "But that is not all my dear friends..... We are also here to celebrate a life. Lord Draco has passed and I do not wish to see any of you grieve. He was a strong, proud and victorious man who had an honest heart. To Lord Draco!" Mariette smiles, raising her glass.

"What was that? She was meant to say..." I whisper, barely moving my lips, to Francis but he pinches my hand, "Ow Francis!" I whisper snap at him. I go to discretely jab him in the side but he's too fast and grips my hand to his hide.

Slyly, he pulls me close to him and whispers into my ear, "Don't say anything Addy."

To others it looked like Francis was giving me a hug from behind but really he was stopping me from getting my revenge from him pinching me. I feel his chest vibrate as he chuckles while I struggle against his strong grip.

"Francis she isn't speaking anymore, let me go!" I whine, squirming under his grip. Suddenly he spins me around and holds me tightly, inches away from his face. Francis looks me in the eyes, full of passion and desire. He bites his lip before moving a hand to cup my cheek.

"Never." He whispers before brushing his lips against mine.



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