Royal Blood

Francis and Adelina have been engaged to each other since they were just toddlers. When they're both of Royal Age the date is set for their fates to be sealed. They'll need each other for the battles they'll face and the enemies they'll make but together they're stronger than a nation. Adelina will discover that Royal court is just as intimidating as a battle field and Francis will realise the weight of the crown is heavier than he thought.
Read and Follow their inevitable and crazy love story!


10. Complecated Thoughts

Francis’s P.O.V

“Close the door will you?” I sigh as I write the final sentence in my logbook.

The door closes with a click and high heels clopped their way towards the seat opposite me. I lean into the back of my chair and study her. Regina was in fact very beautiful but Adelina was a Goddess compared to her.

“Regina, why have you returned to court?”

“I came here for you my love!” she beams reaching across the table and clasping my hand.I draw mine back and look her dead in the eyes.

“Adelina and I are concerned that you came here because you’re pregnant.” I state it simply. Regina's face contours in pure frustration and anger before she jolts up and slams her fists onto the table.

“That bitch has talked things into your mind Francis. I am not with child. On the contrary-”

“YOU WILL NOT SPEAK ABOUT MY WIFE-YOUR FUTURE QUEEN-LIKE THAT! What is your purpose here at court, answer me now!” I bellow angrily. She cowers, shrinking into herself.

“Francis I love you. I want to be your mistress. You are king, you can take me as yours.” She said with a smile.

I couldn't believe my ears. She of all people is so desperate to seek love! She wants to do the choosing for a King.

“I will not have this. You will not be my mistress. I only lie with one person in my bed and that is Queen Adelina of the Fifth Kingdom."

Adeline’s P.O.V

“Your majesty, your Secretary is here from the fifth Kingdom.” A bold voice interrupts my thoughts as I cast my eyes to the guard by my door.

“Thank you. Please see him through.” I take a deep breath and take the notes I made from the table.

Lord Beckham walks in with urgency riddled into his worry lines. His tall physic is dwarfed by how much concern stands beside him.

“My Queen, greeting from the Queen mother of the fifth Kingdom.” he bows low.

“Greetings to you as well Lord Becman.Please, have a seat.” I smile and gesture towards one of the couches.

“Ma’am there has been an uprising at the boarder of the third kingdom. Men, military men, had been seen gathering at it armed with dangerous weapons. Your generals believe that they intend an attack on Artbough, the castle and town where your mother now lives.”

It was like a punch in the gut. An uprising at this scale can only mean one thing: Their King has commission an attack on a fellow kingdom. He wants my crown.

I look at him; He is deadly serious. There is no twinkle in his eyes.Adeline, why would anybody joke like that?

“Lord Beckham have you sent a messenger across the border or someone to hear them out. Maybe they seek help.”

He takes a deep breath.

“Ma’am, I have. The messenger arrived with two escort gaurds, they shot him dead with arrows.”

I scratch my hairline as my mind races with battle plans and ideas how to save my mother. Her life is in danger and so are my fellow countrymen's. I have to act upon this, swiftly and gracefully with force. Something I rarely do.

“Can you give me time to asses this situation? I need to weigh all costs.”

He stands up nodding before bowing and exiting. As soon as he has departed I let the scared tears sprinkle down my face. I've lost my brother to war, my father to disease and I will not lose my mother just because sum King is power hungry. I'm Adelina the first, Queen on the fifth Kingdom. My kingdom is known for its bravery, battle skill and ruthlessness and I'm about to relish all of it...

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