A Collection Of Short Horror Stories

This is a collection of three short horror stories made by myself


2. The Creature

The Creature

It was the middle of summer. The middle of the night. Sadie decided that she would try to kill it. She left her house, with nothing but a knife from her kitchen. She snuck out, hiding behind houses and bushes. After about half an hour of searching for it, she started to walk home, thinking that it was safe. That it was all fake. She heard a noise that sounded like a mix between a pig screeching, and a baby crying. Sadie immediately ran behind the nearest building. I don’t want to do this anymore, she thought. I don’t want to die.

She peered around the corner, and saw a deer, dead in the middle of the road with flesh exposed and bits of it’s raw meat scattered nearby. That wasn’t there before.

The creature was nearby. If she went anywhere, she would get killed. If she stayed, she would get killed. Sadie held her knife close, and slowly tried to return home.

She heard the roar again. And then a scream. She ran as quickly and quietly as she could. She heard footsteps behind her, as she ran away. She saw a nearby trash can and climbed into it, without the creature noticing.

As she climbed in, she accidentally gave herself a small cut on her leg with the knife. It bleed a little bit, but she didn’t think much of it.

The creature smelled the fresh blood and slowly walked toward the trash can. It let out a roar that rattled Sadie’s hiding spot, before knocking it over. She quickly took out her knife, and in tears, she sliced the creature’s leg. It yelped, and stumbled backwards. Sadie tried to run, but the creature quickly got back up and pinned her down, claws digging into her flesh. She tried her best to stab it, but the creature tore her head right off of her body. Then, it slowly peeled off her skin, piece by piece.

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