A Collection Of Short Horror Stories

This is a collection of three short horror stories made by myself


3. My Personal Hell

My Personal Hell

Fear. They shine lights in my eyes. I just want to be free from this everlasting hell. Sadness. They determine my fate. Pain. I leave this hell, only to go to the actual one.

They never left me alone. I tried running. It never worked. They always found me one way or another. When they see me, they scream. Why do they do that? I’m just me.

They don’t like me, I guess. Earth was my personal hell. I didn’t do anything wrong. At first. Eventually I got tired of having to run away from my safe spot. Tired of having to hide. Tired of them trying to kill me.

I snapped. After about a year of this suffering, I fought back. The tables have turned. I chased. They ran. I killed. They died.

I ran out of the forest, and into a town, I killed as many of them as possible. Finally, I wasn’t the one suffering. They were. They caused me pain long enough. It’s their turn now.

Until they captured me. Then I was killed. And now, I’m in a worse hell than I was before.

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