Stephanie Suicide

Stephanie Suicide Is A Suicide Note The Reveals The Hidden Incident Of A Deadly Car Crash That Leaves Nothing But Regret


1. Stephanie Suicide

Dear My Love

I’m sorry for what you are about to see please don't blame yourself  but I’m tired of the torment. Every night I hear her screams for help, Every Night I hear the slam of the brakes and the flip of the car. My love we can't hide from what happened  that night. But there was nothing we could do the flame was out of control!!! She was stuck her seatbelt was jammed we tried everything. If only I didn’t close my eyes for a little second,  lord forgive me there was nothing I could do. She blames me everyday screaming it’s my fault, I had enough of it but before I go my love please don’t worry I’ll see you soon I just had enough of seeing her and hearing her  her screams Everyday

I Love You


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