The Diva and Shield Member.

Hi, my name is Amelia Austin and I'm the daughter of Stone Cold Steve Austin and I have a 14 year old son and a 10 year old daughter from my EX, I am a new Diva but Triple H lets me Debut in a Men's Royal Rumble match, Now I have to go.


Author's note


2. chapter 1: New Diva

Chapter 1: New Diva

I am standing in the gorilla position when my dad walks over to me

"Okay, remember, stay away from Big show and Kane when you go out, team up with Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and Eliminate Bray Wyatt first" he tells me then I kiss him on the cheek then my music plays

S is for the sympathy

E is for the extacy

X is just to mark the spot

because that's the one you

really want, YES! S.E.X is

Always the answer

Oh no! it's Amelia Austin, Stone cold's daughter, why is she coming into this royal rumble match?

I run down the ramp and slide into the ring, I then jump onto Bray's back and flip him over the top rope making sure he touches the floor, I land on his stomach so I jump and twist then land in the middle of the ring and doge a punch from someone, I look around and see that Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are looking at me so I speak up

"Hi, my name is Amelia" I tell them and look around and place my fist out in front of me

"Just this once?" I ask them and they all put their fists against mine

Oh my god! the shield is reunited for tonight!

I then whisper in their ears and once we back up they nod, I get a running start and feel Deans hands on my waist throwing my up in the air and I superman punch Big Show, Seth and Dean set him up for the triple power bomb and as soon as he is on Romans shoulders Dean and Seth lean down and create a stair case so I stand in the corner and then I start running, I jump onto each of their backs and over Romans head then I round house kick Big show in the face as Roman, Dean and Seth triple power bomb him, I feel someone catch me so when I look up I see that it is Dean

"Alright, I am going to jump over the top rope then you guys can get back to being enemies" I say then as I go to jump over the top Dean grabs my wrist and turns me towards the others, Roman then puts his hand into a fist and both Dean and Seth do the same thing then they motion for me to do the same thing

"You sure?" I ask them and they nod, I then look into the crowd where Ashley and Jack are sitting with their dad and I put my fist in the circle and the Shield theme song plays








We then climb out of the ring and I rush to my kids and hug them tightly and look towards their dad

"Thank you for bringing them" I tell him and he scoffs

"You're dad threatened me" he says then I notice the black eye Jack has, I then realize that Ed did it so I motion for the referee to come over

"I want a match with him, if he losses I get custody of my kids, he is from NXT" I tell the ref then I help Jack over the barrier and make sure Ashley is with him and point to the judges table and I make sure they stay there, all of a sudden my dad's theme music plays and he comes running out


He wraps his arms around me and walks me over the opposite side of the ring and helps me climb in

"I will stay with them" he tells me then I hug him tightly then I climb into the ring as Dean, Roman and Seth stand with my dad, as the bell rings Ed runs at me and clotheslines me and I hear Ashley scream and Jack yell my name, I then hear Dean, Seth and roman encouraging me, I notice that Ed is facing the crowd so I roll over and my eyes connect with Dean's

"he's distracted, Dirty Deeds!" I nod and I get up slowly but quietly and I run behind him and hit him in the back of the head and set him up for Dirty deeds, I pull it off then I pin him and I win, the Shield, my dad and my kids run into the ring, I pick up Ashley and the Shield pick me up as Dad holds onto Jack, the Shield put's me down and I hug my little girl and son and I bring the others into the hug and my theme song plays as we walk up the ramp

S is for the sympathy

E is for the extacy

X is just to mark the spot

because that's the one you

really want, YES! S.E.X is

Always the answer

We walk backstage and the Bella twins rush over to me and hug Jack, Ashley and myself

"Nice job!" they say at the same time and I laugh then I notice dad talking to Dean

"Really Dad?" I ask him and he nods

"I'm not letting anyone hurt my daughter or grand kids again. so I'm making sure if you ever get with him, he doesn't hurt you and never disrespects them kids" he tells me and pulls me into a hug. I hug him back then I pull away and go to the Bella's dressing room and get the kids bags

"I hope you guys don't mind staying in a hotel" I tell them and Jack nods

"Don't worry mum, as long as we get to be with you then we are happy" he tells me and I smile then we walk out of the building then I remember that I walked here

"Damn!" I say and play with Jack's hair, I hear someone walk up behind me so I turn and see Dean walking over to us

"Want to ride with us? you're apart of the Shield now" he tells me and I smile

"Yeah, sure" Jack says before I could open my mouth, he then grabs Ashley's hand and run towards where Roman and Seth are waiting, I then turn to Dean

"Bloody sneaky kid" I mumble with my face down, I feel Dean's hand on my chin and my face is lifted up to look at him

"Don't worry, his sneakiness will pay off one day" he says then kisses me cheek and leads me over to the truck


We finally arrive at the hotel and I go to get my room key but the dude across the table won't give it to me unless i give him my number 

"For the hundredth time! I'm not going to give you my phone number, I need my key so I can put my daughter to bed" I tell him and he laughs

"A girl like you doesn't have a daughter, or any kids, just hand me you're number and we can hangout and live happily ever after" he says then starts to lean in for a kiss and as I go to hit him I feel Dean's arm around my waist

"Do we have a problem over here?" Dean asks and I nod

"No, we don't man, just planing a date" the guy tells Dean and I laugh

"No way in Hell, My 10 year old daughter is about to fall asleep and this dumb ass won't give me my room key unless I give him my phone number" I tell Dean and I see his fist clench

"Hey man, give my girl our room key, our daughter is about to fall asleep" Dean says in a deathly low voice, the other dude starts shaking and hands me my key, I then get Ashley off Roman and we all climb into the elevator

"So..... you're my dad now?" Jack asks and I gasp

"Jack, he only said it to help us to get our room key" I tell him as the elevator doors open, I look back into the elevator and I smile

"Have a nice sleep boys" I tell them then i walk down to my room and put Ashley to bed then I get ready for bed with a certain Lunatic Fringe on my mind.




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