The Real World

What if you were stuck in a world that were split into 12 different groups? In this exciting thriller, year 4120 is exactly like that -- people are split into sections based on their zodiac signs. We will look into the lives into each of the zodiac signs, and how they struggle to defeat one another so only 1 zodiac was the only 1 standing.


Author's note

this is my most inspiring book, please read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Virgo

 I sat in my gold convertible. The groceries in my hand felt like a dozen bags of 50 pound rocks. It was almost a week since I had my miscarriage, and nothing has felt more worse. My Doctor advised that I stay home, watch the BitiCon, and get my mind off of things for a bit. I didn't even care, for the first time, that I was a Virgo. I didn't go downtown in my fancy gold convertible and brag about how poor Aquarius' are and how rich Virgos' are. I gained a few pounds, went nonstop grocery shopping, and I even formed a cleaning frenzy. I always wondered how the normal lives of a 17 year old was. In the fancy Virgo world, we become legal adults at 16. I sometimes want to be a teen forever, because being an adult can be a struggle. With extra bills to pay, my life can be a living hell. My husband, Marshall, just went to the war after our honeymoon to fight with the Leos'. Surprise, yep, that was my honeymoon gift. His honeymoon gift was a dead baby, just as bad of a gift as his was.
​ I hopped out the car, sulking. I have a huge mansion, alone and depressed. I'd probably have time to fix me some macaroni before I break into a crying fit. I knew that he was gone, but I didn't get to meet him yet, so I was deeply depressed. Maybe Yaheen is a baby girl now, healthy and well. A happy couple with a newborn baby girl or boy. While we are helpless, with nothing but a big mansion and loads and loads of money. Maybe when Marshall gets home from his monthly visit, we will try for another baby, hopefully a boy so I can name him Yaheen Elliot Jones...



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