The Real World

What if you were stuck in a world that were split into 12 different groups? In this exciting thriller, year 4120 is exactly like that -- people are split into sections based on their zodiac signs. We will look into the lives into each of the zodiac signs, and how they struggle to defeat one another so only 1 zodiac was the only 1 standing.


Author's note

this is my most inspiring book, please read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Leo

 Saturday, the worst day to work at the Mystical Café. Different types of people were rushing in and out of the café, constantly checking their watches to see how many minutes they have until they are late for work. Most of the men have on suit and ties. Others, like the women, had on green and gold jumpsuits, working at the Immortal Motel. It wasn't really a motel, but it was once one. Now it is used for the immortal potion, which is sold for $400. Most of the people there are Virgo tourists, ordering a life supply of those potions.
​ I mixed a sparkle milkshake that an impatient Leo had ordered for him and his child. The little girl's ears were perked into tiny triangles. I smiled at how little my ears used to be. One day hers will grow into pixie triangles, just like the rest of the full grown Leos.
​ The impatient worker turned to me and frowned. "Are you going to hurry up with that shake?'' he said, frustrated. "My little Adelaide has to go to the Leo Church, and I want to get her a sparkling milkshake.''
​ ''It's my birthday!" she chirped with glee. Her dad gave her a sympathetic smile, but serious at the same time. ''Yes it is, my little 6 year old. Now get your little rumple over there and wait for daddy." When she went away, he looked back at me and scowled. "Now, can you hurry up with that milkshake? Now?​" he tapped on the counter impatiently. "Work starts in 30 minutes. I don't have enough time on my hands to be late.''
​"Yes, sir," I said, smiling. I made a perfect swirl with the whipped cream and shoved it to him. "Here you go, sir. Have a nice day." Just as he had left, a woman with frumpy red hair covering her ears rushed into the door. "Now see, this is why we don't hire teenagers!​'' Her hands flew up into the air, and she glared at a woman covered with sparkles from head to toe, clearly a sign that she took the immortal potion. "Why on ​reincarnations heavens would you do something like that?"
​"I didn't mean to," the young immortal woman huffed. "Maalik was the one who put it in--" she didn't say anymore before the frumpy haired woman used her magic to close the immortal woman's mouth.
​ They both rushed to me and the frumpy haired woman slapped her hand on the counter. "Gimme the large tarantula Cappuchino, please," she said, her eyes blazing into mine. Although I knew she was very upset, I looked at her like she was a Virgo. "You know that this is the Mystical Café, right?"
​ Her eyes grew wide like saucers. "No, this is the Cap Café, right?" She looked at the immortal woman, expecting her to say something. Then, sighing, she whisked her fingers and the girl was talking. "Mrs. Anderson, this is the Mystical Café," she said in a hushed voice. "It says so right outside." Then she turned to me, reading my nametag. "Um, Mr... Jonathan, sir, I am so sorry. She's kinda upset. We had a little mishap at the immortal Motel, and--"
​ "A little mishap​?" Mrs. Anderson screamed at her. "you did something--" the she hushed her voice. "highly illegal.​ I could lose my job for this!" She stabbed a finger into her chest. "Maalik did​ put the immortal potion into your water bottle, but you should've known the minute you picked up the drink!"
​"How was I supposed to know?" The girl squeaked. "I'm not expected to study my water before I drink it!"
​"The water was shining clear as day! You should've noticed that there was something in there!''
​ The girl turned to me and blushed embarrassingly. "I apologize for this. But isn't there something you can do to get the drink?'' she looked at me with big brown eyes. I couldn't help but wink. "No problem. I'll see what I can do."
​ She blushed even more and bit her lip. "Thanks, sir." She tucked a long black strand of straight hair behind her ear, which resembled a nice perfectly shaped triangle hair. As I turned to the back to order the shake, my heart was pounding in my ears.

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