The Real World

What if you were stuck in a world that were split into 12 different groups? In this exciting thriller, year 4120 is exactly like that -- people are split into sections based on their zodiac signs. We will look into the lives into each of the zodiac signs, and how they struggle to defeat one another so only 1 zodiac was the only 1 standing.


Author's note

this is my most inspiring book, please read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. introduction


​  There is a world. A world that cannot be explained. And it is a world that fights over who is the best at being themselves,​ something that is not even worth the amount of countless deaths these zodiac citizens have had. Each member and owner of these zodiac lands have very amounts of differences, but they all believe in one thing -- they can all be reborn. Yes, reincarnation is one normal, common thing that happens in 4120. Everyone mourns for the dead, because they all think that they will be reborn into some different human. And it isn't a good thing. Everyone knows everyone in 4120. And once the BitiCon news reporter announces the list of names that have died in this zodiac war, it falls into a great conclusion. They aren't very happy, at the most. They know that they will have a terrible life next time. Everyone deserves a second chance, is what they believe. Suicide is illegal in 4120, because when someone believes that they do not have a fair life they are living, they can sign up in the suicide line, where you can sit in a full tub of water, and not come out until you are fully deceased. They believe that once this happens, a new baby is reborn as that person who just died that same time. But, death isn't something that should happen. The reason death happens is because of bombs, wars, and the shooting clubs that zodiacs do to the other zodiacs. 91% of the deaths, actually. And no one can explain what goes through the minds of this cruelty. Some say they are mental. We can't conclude, really. All we can say is this: The war. Won't. End.

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