The Real World

What if you were stuck in a world that were split into 12 different groups? In this exciting thriller, year 4120 is exactly like that -- people are split into sections based on their zodiac signs. We will look into the lives into each of the zodiac signs, and how they struggle to defeat one another so only 1 zodiac was the only 1 standing.


Author's note

this is my most inspiring book, please read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Aries

  The strong, pungent smell of cigarette smoke filled the room as I walked through the door. My Aunt Delilah was sitting on the couch, dragging her cigarette, satisfied. I screamed in agony. "Delilah, What the bloody hell!" I slammed my bag on the floor. "You know Janey has asthma. Don't smoke if she is here!"
"Well, she's not here, god damn it," she said, tapping her bud on the arm of the couch. "She ran out with some friends. Said she'll be back by 9." she took another long drag.
"Friends? 9?'' I yelled. ''Delilah, you know goodness well that "friends" in Ariesys aren't very productive." I put my hand on my forehead. How could Delilah do something like this?
"They're probably at that new Aries hangout," she said calmly. Like this didn't matter! ''they don't serve anything bad there. Just some slushies. Maybe some adult drinks, but you need an ID to get them." She took one last drag before throwing her cigar on the floor. Ugh! She is no help whatsoever. But it's not like this has never happened before. It has. But now, the war has gotten a lot worse, and other zodiacs are now shooting in popular hangouts. It's not good for her to hang out somewhere where there are most likely people, especially at 6 o'clock. 
She didn't know what to do. She did know that things will be better once Delilah went to her scheduled meeting at the Suicide Line. Then, she could take care of Janey by herself, with no late night stays. Though taking care of a 13 year old wouldn't be easy. They are feisty, annoying, and rebellious. But she knew she could handle it.
"If you're so worried about it, why don't you go find her yourself?" Delilah said, taking another cigarette out of her pocket. She lit it and took a drag, a lot longer this time. I sighed helplessly. "Well, it's pretty dark outside now. I'll call Mart and ask him to pick Janey up. He's armed with a pocketknife." I sighed again, hoping that they both returned back safely.

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