The Real World

What if you were stuck in a world that were split into 12 different groups? In this exciting thriller, year 4120 is exactly like that -- people are split into sections based on their zodiac signs. We will look into the lives into each of the zodiac signs, and how they struggle to defeat one another so only 1 zodiac was the only 1 standing.


Author's note

this is my most inspiring book, please read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Aries

 I sat in the back of the bus, ready for him to start again. I never really knew when he would try to swing, but I was dead ready.
​ Sure enough, he hit the back of my head, laughing along with his friends. I turned and gave him a blow to his chest, which nearly knocked the wind out of him. "What the Capricorn is wrong with you!" I yelled, spitting at his eye. Instead of swinging again, he wiped the spit away and smiled slyly. "We're Aries. It's what we do." Martin puffed out his chest.  "Unless you're a ​Taurus.​'' The rest of the idle crew guffawed halfheartedly. "You gonna take that, Anastasia?" An idle member snarled. "You gotta prove you have Aries blood." he beated on his chest. Soon, the idle crew were beating their chests and hooting like the gorillas that went instinct in the year 2047. I blushed. "I am not​ a Taurus. I am Aries, full blood." Then I took a deep breath. "You call me a Taurus, but nobody is a big of a Taurus but your mama." The boys oohed and aahed. "Good one, Anastasia!" one of the idle members chuckled tauntingly at Martin. "She got you really good, Mart." Martin turned beet red and crossed his arms. "Whatever," he said, looking out the window.
​"You're 17, Mart. Act like it." I ruffled his hair and sat back down. I never told Martin, but he looked kind of cute when he was angry.

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