Rich Boy

"Oh please what can a little rich boy and a knock off CIA agent possibly do?"


1. Rich Boy



"Oh please what can a little rich boy and a knock off CIA agent possibly do?" 




 I woke up by choking on a snore, snapping myself awake before I groaned,  flipping my body like a pancake over so I was laying face down on my pillow, someone's loud groan sounding out  from beside me. 

Suddenly I was wide awake, staring with alarmed eyes at Harry who was shirtless and had his face stuffed in the crack between our two pillows. I slowly opened the covers just to make sure that I wasn't thinking crazy. 

I gasped when I saw Harry's half naked body and a horribly opened shiny package. "Oh my god!" Snapping the cover's back down I pushed them back, trying to put as much distance between this boy and I. 

I fell off the bed, hitting the floor with a loud bang that made Harry's head of messy curls snap up at the sound and scan the room for what made the loud noise. His eyes met with mine, then looking at what I was wearing. 

His Label Under Construction shirt that he was wearing yesterday and no pants. 

He snapped up, throwing the covers off his body, coming over to where I was hyperventilating. "Did we...." I shrugged. 

"Last night?" He ran both hands through his curls then looking in the mirror above the desk. His eyes widened. "Those are hickies! Mack I have hickies!" 

Harry met my eyes, the both of us not looking anywhere else as I slowly lifted up the covers, reaching my hands in to search for the small package that I saw earlier. I smiled when my hands grasped it. 

"No way!" I exclaimed the same time Harry said "oh brother." 

"My chocolate!" I laughed, hugging the small package to my chest with glee. 

Harry gave me a blank look, "Mackley are you kidding me? We could've had sex that neither of us remember by the way, so no one knows if it was even good or not.... I mean I think we can both guess that it was pretty good because I- anyways! We could've fucked and you're happy about chocolate?" 

"It's caramel." 




Rich Boy

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