Rich Boy

"Oh please what can a little rich boy and a knock off CIA agent possibly do?"


5. 4- Straight Savage

  "Harry Styles, don't fucking do it." I seethed, clenching my fists to my sides as I watched him press his iPhone up to his ear, looking like the real life meme of "when you're babysitting your siblings and they're not listening" 

Harry gave me a fake smile. "Daddy?"    

We both cringed, me watching with narrowed eyes while he walked around the house half naked, parading the fact he had a little bit of power over me. "Sorry, I don't know why I called you that. That was cringey.”  

Harry listened to what his dad said, really rubbing it in that he was talking to the bug boss man that he called his father.   

“Yes! Mackley isn’t letting me sleep in the bed, and won’t  even make me breakfast. Dad, I haven’t eaten in three days.” He lied straight through his teeth. 

  Harry pressed a button on his phone, holding it out for me to take it. “Sir, in the politest way possible, I call bullshit.” Mr. Styles chuckled creepily, making a shiver run down my spine that Harry caught. 

He crossed his arms, looking like some sort of god.

Which he wasn’t! 

"I can call you Mackley, right?" He asked, putting on a fake, posh accent. "Of course I can, I'm the boss. Scarlet, come over here, I am the boss correct?"

I rolled my eyes, unsure of what Mr. Styles was trying to get across. "Actually, I'm the boss. You are a client, which yes makes you have some sort of authority, but I am the boss." I heard Scarlet tell him, making me proud.   

 "Alright." Harry's dad said into the phone. "I'll put her on speaker." He sounded like he didn't care for what Scarlet said, and didn't like it. But honestly who cared? 

"Harry, what is this lady doing to you?" Harry gave me a "I'm better than you" look, making me shoot him a warning glare. He pursed his lips, leaning against the counter with his arms crossed against his naked chest. 

 "I asked to share the bed, but she made me take the couch. I asked her to make me a simple breakfast that only has an hour cook time! She said no!" He complained, watching me the whole time.

I tuned out of what Mr. Styles was ranting about now. "You're going to make sure Harry has a pleasant stay, right? I know it's so hard for him." I laughed bitterly, shaking my head back and forth. 

"Okay cool." 

"Mackley, I'm not kidding." He barked, making me laugh again. 

"I know, I'm being serious." I protested, before I looked at Harry and the anger that I felt towards him came back. 

"You're laughing, you're not taking me seriously." He sighed. "I didn't want to have to do this but... we have whereabouts on, Alex is it? If you don't treat my precious Harry good, she's dead."   

I choked on the air that I was breathing in through my mouth, and Scarlet gasped. "This isn't some weird romance book! You can't just say that!" I yelped out, now giving the phone back to Harry.

"If you wanted your precious Harry safe, then you would've done this yourself." I began, watching as Harry tried to figure out if that was a threat or not. 

Spoiler alert. 



It is. 

"Is that a threat?" Mr. Styles asked, sounding angry and bitter. I looked into Harry's wide green eyes and shrugged, making him look away and run one of his hands through his still messed up hair. 

This morning I tried to suffocate him with a pillow like he did with me.   

"I don't know. Are you going to threaten me with hurting my two friends? All of my family is dead, by the way, so good luck with finding them." I commented, crossing my arms. 

"Well I'd advise you to watch your behavior. Alex and Noah's lives are on the line if you don't behave good. We know where they are at this exact moment." Mr. Styles continued.  

 I clenched my fists, reaching over and snatching the phone from Harry's hands, bringing it up to my mouth so this dumb ass man could really hear my words of wisdom. 

"Listen here, I'll do what you say for now, but if you touch Noah or Alex, you and your whole fucking family is going to be dead within the hour that you touch my friends."

I heard Scarlet start slow clapping, which made me want to say more.  

"Touch my friends, Harry's dead. If you didn't get that through your pea brain." I reiterated when he said nothing, making solid eye contact with Harry, who tensed up. 

"Your turn to fucking listen, sir. I'll make Harry his shitty kale, but I'm not a babysitter. I'm an assassin. I'm not going to do things for you that you should be doing for Harry, but you're not because you're pussy." I swore, setting the phone down on the counter while glaring at it. 

I looked up at Harry, giving him a fake smile before I walked away to go back into the bedroom. 






"Is it bad that I'm turned on right now?" 






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