Rich Boy

"Oh please what can a little rich boy and a knock off CIA agent possibly do?"


4. 3- Obama-self


an-- Alex and Noah up top. Sorry I fr suck at edits but at least I try haha. Love you! 

  “Hey Mack?” Harry woke me up to him standing in the doorway, a blanket slipping down his chest and a pillow that he was hardly holding. “Can I come sleep with you? The couch is well, not comfy and I thought I’d- just please...” 

 I nodded, giving him a kind but tired smile as I lifted up the covers next to me, signaling for him to get in. He smiled, pinching the blanket so he was carrying it instead of dragging it across the floor. 

As soon as he got close I snapped the covers back down, covering my body before I gave him a smirk. “Oops, I lied. No room!” 

Harry gasped loudly, his green eyes narrowed at me before he turned around suddenly on his heel and stomped back   into the living room area of the hotel. 

 “What the fu-” I started t say when I felt him come back on the bed, but he cut me off by pressing a pillow only my face,  making it so I couldn’t breath. 

I wrapped my fingers around his wrists, trying to pry his  hands away from the pillow so I could breath again, but for a twig and in my sleepy state he was the fucking hulk.  "Die bitch!" 

I held my breath, making my body go limp, smirking when I felt him freeze from above me. “Shit.” He mumbled, slowly taking the pillow off my face to see if I was kidding or not. “I killed her.”

I felt him shrug while muttering an “oh well” before he pushed me off the bed, and snuggle himself into my spot. 

Fucking rude. 




"Michelle!" Harry cried, making me jump alert and look around the room for anything potentially dangerous. 

I was no longer on the floor, but on the bed on top of the covers. "Michelle come back!" He yelled out again, me watching him as he fisted the bunched up sheets. 

 "Barack and I were just fooling around!" He said again, and before he could say something else I jumped out of the bed, running into the kitchen to make the quickest bowl of popcorn ever made. 

I sprinted back into the bedroom, leaping onto the spot where I was before, all while holding my popcorn. 

"Wait Michelle!" He cried out, making me shovel a handful of popcorn into my mouth while I smirked. He tossed and turned before his eyes snapped open, looking into mine who were staring intently into his. 

He sighed in relief, closing his eyes as he tried to fall back asleep before his eyes snapped open again, him shooting up and screaming while jumping on the bed and pointing at me. 

 "I killed you!" 

 I shamelessly looked up and down his tattooed body, making him let out a squeak, putting his hands over his man boobs that he didn't have. 

"Turn around, Mackley! I'm indecent." I laughed, pushing past him and into the kitchen, following my trail of popcorn. 

"Shut up, you don't have titties." Harry gasped again dramatically. "It's okay, babies, the mean lady didn't mean it." He murmured to his not-there boobs, making me laugh again.  

 Harry called my name from behind me, making me turn around to see him staring at my behind with a smirk. "You're not wearing any clothes, either." I looked down, covering my own tittes. 

"Harry look away! I'm indecent!" I cried, taking a pillow from the bed and chucking it at Harry. He laughed, dodging it but tripping over his own feet. 

I threw another one at his face, that he didn't see coming. "Haha! Fuck you!" I leaned down to really help him get the idea that he lost, and I won. 

Before I could walk away he grabbed my ankles, making me fall down to the ground. But before I could hit the ground he put his hands on my waist, pretty much guiding my body so I would straddle him. 

Fuckboy move.  

 My chest was heaving up and down as I looked down at his face, his face screaming "wow I'm proud of myself" over and over again. I rolled my eyes, trying to move off of him but he held onto my hips. 

"Let go of me you perv," I choked out, watching him as he gave me a cheeky smile, biting his bottom lip while I watched. "Harry." He shook his head, watching me as I threw my head back in defeat. 

"I kinda like this." 
"I'm uncomfortable." I managed to get out as I felt his, thank the lord, clothed manhood touch the inside of my thigh. "Calm little Harry the fuck down!"  

I wiggled around, trying to get off of Harry but stopping when he let out a strangled noise. "I can't, and hey there's nothing little about him. Stop!  You're like- stop doing that!" He breathed out, somehow holding my hips tighter.  

 "Fuck- sorry! Let me go!" I put my hands on his chest, finally pushing my body away from Harry to run back into the bed, covering myself like E.T did when they were riding the bike. 

"I'm gonna," Harry started, scratching his neck while he watched me cringe, while I felt a little piece of my soul break off and die. "I'm gonna go into the bathroom for a little bit, and like, take a shower? Shit like that." 

I nodded. "Yeah, uh, I'm going to just... I'm gonna fucking leave." 

When he was gone, I dialed the numbers into my phone while watching and making sure no one could hear me as I spoke. "Noah?" I smiled to myself when I heard his voice, but then frowned again when I thought of the incompetent  jerk named Harry Styles, whomst I had to deal with.



"Yeah, let's do it. Let's fucking kill Harry Styles." 




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