Rich Boy

"Oh please what can a little rich boy and a knock off CIA agent possibly do?"


3. 2- Becky with the good boobs



an— Harry and Mack up at the top, I’ll put Alex next chapter! 


“shit shit shit.” I cursed, making eye contact with the smirking soccer mom who was trying to push me off the side of the highway.   

I could tell she was going to try to hit Harry’s car again by the way she started at her steering wheel like it was Louis Tomlinson. 

I slowed down at the last second, causing her to swerve a little. I smiled to myself, taking a second to appreciate the silence that had taken ever since Harry fell asleep fifteen hours ago.    

He’d been out for a while, and I was thankful. 

But probably from the drugs I’d given him. 


the mom rolled down her windows down, her smirk now gone as she slowed down so I could hear her, motioning to roll mine down as well. 

I shook my head, sending her a polite, fake smile as I mouthed “no fuck you.” 

She rolled her eyes, not bothering to watch the road and rather make awkward prolonged eye contact with me. She leaned down into the passenger’s seat, making me realize that soccer mom was grabbing a gun.  

But instead, she pulled up a microphone, brining it to her lips and pushing buttons on her radio. 

I shrugged, turning my own radio on and hearing it crackle with the sounds of the wind whipping around the mic.  

“Is this that car next to me?” Her voice sounded. I looked over at her and nodded,  wondering how the fuck she got into the radio station.  

“Well I’d like to say fuck you! You stupid bitch who doesn’t know how to drive, I’m fucking coming for you- Chris stop that I’m talking honey! We, Uh, we took a detour to your soccer game ok honey?” 

I turned off the radio, pulling right next to her open window and flipping up my middle finger. 

I sighed happily to myself, watching as she sped off in front  of me. 

“Oh fuck.” I screamed when I saw she had somehow made a fullaround turn and was now coming straight at me at full speed. 

I screamed louder, trying to blindly search in the backseat for something I packed that would help this situation. Harry jolted up, his eyes wide at my screaming and then saw the blue van that was coming towards us and started screaming with me.  

“What the fuck! Mackley do something!” He yelled, his fingers wrapping around my arm in desperation before he let his head fall back ,  now staring at the ceiling. “If there is a god! Please don’t let me die before I get to moterboat Becky with the good boobs on my expensive yachts!” He wailed.  

“Fuck Becky! Don’t let me die before I get to- reverse!” I cried with Harry, quickly stopping the car to put into into reverse and then go full speed backwards.  

“Harry,” I said calmly, like we weren’t seconds away from death. He slowly turned towards me, a terrified look on his face. “I’m sorry I called you a little rich bitch with the same taste as a five year old gap model.”  

He looked hurt for a brief secon before he grabbed my hand that was resting on the side of his seat so I could see where we were going. 

“I’m sorry that I said you were a bad agent.” I pushed his hands away from mine, scoffing loudly. “Now I know you definitely are.”  

I suddenly stopped the car, the soccer mom still driving towards us at a crazy speed, with a scary smile on her face, and bodies jerked back from the sudden movements and Harry’s screamed, while I was calm.  

 “The fuck you just say to me?” I said as Harry was crawling at the steering wheel screaming “drive drive drive!” 

“I said you’re the best! Just drive!” I shook my head, watching the van come closer to us.  

“Did you really like I was going to let us die?” I clicked my tongue as I started the car back up, moving it solidly to the side while the women zoomed past us.  

“Well, you were wrong. Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  Harry looked at me, already done with me.  

“Did you just.... risk my valuable life to make a stupid meme?” I nodded, laughing as I sped up to keep going to Texas at a steady speed.  

“I wouldn’t say valuable, but sure.” I countered,  a,gun him scoff and pull out his phone. 

“If I’m not valuable let’s compare net worth.” I looked down at his phone, laughing at the big number next to his picture on the screen. 

“You googled yourself?” 

“Yes.” He set his phone down, looking at me expectantly. “Your turn.”  

 He leaned over to see what I was typing on my own phone that I pulled out of my back pocket. I showed it to him, an excited smile on his face before it dropped, and he was glaring at me. 

“That’s not very nice.” 

“Okay cool.” 

Something ran into the back of the car, making Harry let out a small squeak. I looked at him, making eye contact before he cleared his throat and hit his chest.  

“What I meant was “that was scary, me being a man I will turn around in a manly way and see what is happening behind us. Like  a man” because that’s what I am.” Harry explained, his voice getting suddenly deeper.  

He turned around, me not bothering to do anything expect what him with an amused used smile on my face, before he screamed. 

“Mack run!” 

“What? Why?” I laughed, turning around to see what he was looking at. “Oh no.” 

Behind us was a fleet of ten giant army trucks, and more behind them, with the soccer mom leading them. 

“I need to make a call.” Harry decided, fumbling for his phone with shaky hands as I put the car in cruise control so I could reach into the backseat for a nail gun, a wooden bat, and sunglasses so if I died at least I would look cool. 

 “Becky?” Harry asked. “Yes this is Harry.” He hummed again, listening to what the other person was saying. “Can I talk to them?” 

I loaded the oversized nail gun with the oversized nails that looked like they would be used for giants’ houses. 

Then finally, I reached across Harry’s lap, grabbing the small handgun from up and under where he rested his feet. 

He was cooing something, like he was talking to a newborn baby, or a puppy. 

Fucking weirdo. 

“okay , yes. Bye bye now! Daddy will see you soon!” He laughed nervously, hanging up the phone. 

“You have kids?” I asked casually while rolling down the window and unbuckling myself. 

It made sense, actually. 

From how much I heard Alex complain about him and the girls he was with. 

“No of course not, why would you think that? I was talking to the titties.” 

Of course. 

I pulled myself out of the car window, telling Harry to hold my ankles and aiming the gun so it would perfectly hit the women’s front tire, but making sure not to injure anyone in case she actually had a child in her car. 

 The mini van came to a sudden halt, making Harry cheer beside me, his hands now having a death grip on my calves while I hung halfway out of the car. 

The car made at least three other of the military vehicles stop in an attempt not to crush the mini van. Four down, twenty-three to go. I looked down at Harry, who seemed to get what I was silently saying as he nodded, letting go of my ankles and reaching into the back to bring the black body bag to the front. 

He reached inside, smirking as he pulled out a small explosive. "That's not what I-" Bullets started flying past me. 

"Fuck it give me three more!" I screamed, hoping the wind didn't carry my voice away. My hands quickly but skillfully pressing the small passcode into the device before tossing it onto the ground behind us. 

I quickly pulled myself into the car, slamming both my feet on the gas that we both lurched forwards, our backs pressing into the seats.  

 We were far enough away to be able to see where it detonated, not hurting anyone just blowing out the part of the highway so they couldn't follow us without taking a severe detour. 

 "Hey Mack?" I hummed, trying to keep my eyes open from tiredness. "You're almost as good as Alex." 


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