Rich Boy

"Oh please what can a little rich boy and a knock off CIA agent possibly do?"


2. 1- Vineyard Vines

   “Hiiiiiy- yahh!” I heard my boss scream from behind me before I felt her jump on my back, pressing a small knife to my throat before I wrapped my hands around her wrists, flipping her over my body. 

“Scarlet I said no! He is insane, annoying, acts like he's better than you, he's annoying!” I yelled in her face, watching with a smirks she almost fell on her back, but flipped over so she would land on her feet, sliding back a few inches as I stood there, staring at Scarlet with an impressed expression. 

We love a badass girl-boss.

“Please! You know his father pays well.” She begged, starting to stand up to sprint towards me, but I stepped to the side of  the hallway.  

“I think what you meant to say was “please his father’s dick is just too good! Please do this for me” right?” I teased,   watching as her cheeks got redder. 

“Yes-” she was cut off by the door slamming open, the door itself hitting against the wall with a loud bang. Instinctively I  grabbed the gun from my waist, pointing it at however was trying to break in. 

“Mack I know how you feel about me, but please put the gun down.” He laughed, his voice making me cringe as he moved into the room. 

“Harry.” I acknowledged, but not making any moves to lower the gun, and my aim on his forehead. 

“Mackley please.” Scarlet put her hand on the black pistol, a tight lipped smile on her face as she watched Harry walk  around the room, pretending to be interested in the pictures hung up on the Wall. 

“You driving me?” He asked, turning back around with a cheeky smile. 

“No.” I said flatly the same time Scarket clapped her hands together and said “yes!” I glared down at her, watching her lean over and slide the folders off her desk and into my arms. 

“Ugh, Scar you know I prefer Alex.” He whined, sauntering over to stand in front of Scarlet and I, purposely brushing    my shoulder. 

I loudly gagged, and made a over dramatic show of putting the safety back off. Harry gulped, but was still smiling anyways as he ran one of his hands through his annoyingly good hair. 

“I think Alex got a restraining order.” I mumbled.  

 “Oh please, after what he did I think she’d be begging for more,” I crossed my arms, my eyes narrowing a smug  Harry who stood proudly, obviously pleased with his mediocre comeback. 

Fuck this kid for real. 

“Oh, you’d think she would’ve told me about it, but I guess she only tells me about the good fucks .” 

Harry gassed loudly, a hand flying to over his heart. “Must’ve slipped her mind, she was pretty out of it after.” He leaned in closer to me to whisper in my ear. “From The sex I mean.” 

 “I doubt it, she tells me everything.” I countered, seeming more unsure as getting it on with a client would be something Alex would do. 

“Yeah.” Scarlet finally spoke up, her fingers folding her bottom lip in between her pointer and thumb, “no that happened, that’s why Alex can’t,”

 “unbelievable.” I shook my head, not looking at Harry but  instead looking at the gun in my hand. “I’ll do it.” Scarlet clapped, jumping up and down excitedly.

“But I have from the end of this to February off, and I’m payed the whole time. No exceptions.” She shook my hand up and down, running over to her desk to type something into her computer. 

“Yes! That would work! Yes yes yes you can have from now until February. I have to go get ready!” She sprained off, throwing the door open and then slamming it shut.  


I nodded, sending Harry a knowing look. “Dick appointment.” 

He looked over at me, a smile coming across his face. “If she’s getting it on, we should...” 

“ahaha no.” 





“Mack why are you doing this.” Alex complained, sipping her lemonade  while she watched me spy on Harry from the bushes. 

“He needs to know who’s the boss in this relationship.” I stated, looking back into the binoculars to watch Harry scream at someone through his phone, the faint “I’m suing you! Becky with the good boobs is going to be here, so fuck you” carrying through the wind. 

“Ugh he’s so hot.” She groaned, making me slowly look over at her with narrowed eyes. “Uh I mean, ewww he’s soo, um, so gross.” 

I rolled my eyes, “ Scarlet already told me.” 

She put the hand that wasn’t holding her drink on her hip, looking like she had no idea what I was talking about . 

“Ugh, he was ten out of ten though, and he payed well.” Alex reminisced, smiling and looking off into the distance while she pushed  her hair off her shoulder. 



“oh fuck he’s coming over quick give me your lemonade.” I fast talked, jumping up and snatching the drink from her fingers before starting to run towards where Harry  was standing, looking confused to why I was running at him at full speed. 

My plan was to dump Alex’s drink on his head, but that’s all went to shit as my shoe caught on a rock, making my whole body almost hit the floor, a low pitched “noooo” coming out of my mouth, similar to how someone would sound if they were talking in slow motion. 

 I looked up to the bright sky, my free hand doing the sign of the cross before I saw Harry was still a good forty feet away. I hurled the drink at him, smiling when I saw he wasn’t looking due to him recording me on hs phone. 

It was like slow motion as he looked up, his face morphing into one of terror as the lemonade hit his button up. 

"My Vinyard Vines Garment Dyed Merino V-Neck Sweater!" He screeched, dropping his phone to the ground

"What the fuck do you think you're doing? Do you know how much this costs... much more than-" 

"I think that's what most of the rich kids at my old school used to wear to let other people know their daddy's were loaded." I smiled, leaning down to dust off my knees. "But yeah sorry I tripped." 

His eyes widened, a furious look taking place in them. "You were like forty feet away from me at least!" I gave him a passive shrug. "Yeah I too turn into a fucking NFL player and throw my fucking cheap ass lemonade at others when I fall." 

"Take a shot every time he says fucking." Harry gave me a blank look, starting to undo the buttons on his shirt before I screeched, moving in front of him to cover up his collarbones from a thirsty Alex. 

I mean shit me too. 

"What are you-" 

"Harry oh my god are those new tattoos?" I heard Alex say from behind me, her curvy more than chubby body running towards us. 

Harry smirked down at me, nodding before moving to the side. 

"Alex, hey you here to replace Mackley over here? She's kinda boring." 





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