In Another Life

In another life, I'd be the one who would never say let's be friends.



A long time ago there was a simple love story. A boy who never shared his emotions, and a girl who shared too much of hers. The year prior they never really had contact, but somehow they became best friends over time. Maybe what they say is true. A girl and a boy can’t be best friends without one of them or both catching feelings. I remember the way the conversation went the first time I realized I had fallen for him. It was at a school dance, the first one of the year. All the couples were slow dancing and he was sitting on the bleachers watching. I still can’t remember why I went over and sat next to him but I did. I remember him talking about how he would get bored talking to the same people for more than 10 minutes. Me being the nosy and selfish person I was, I said “Do you get bored talking to me?” Almost immediately he replied with, “No. You tend to go on little rants and vents alot and it’s really nice.” He smirked a little, but his eyes smiled for him. He said it so calm and nicely. I saw the emotion, I felt it. Later that night I told him how I felt. To my surprise he felt the same. For months we were inseparable. Walking together to every class, sitting next to each other at lunch. But, as months went by he didn’t put forth effort. No physical contact, no dates. Just an unspoken thing we called love. I remember the conversations we’d have, and the late night phone calls. The little moments when he’d tell me he loved me, or the inside jokes that seemed to be the way we’d talk. Repetitive conversations that became known to us as “our thing.” It was all amazing but it wasn’t what i expected, or I guess wanted at the time. Eventually the no effort thing became too much for me, and we agreed to just be friends. I knew we still felt the way we did, but I thought I deserved more. At least that’s what everyone kept telling me. We were distant from each other for awhile. Then finally, in the month of April we became close friends again. The day of the school play he finally brought up our history we’d tried so hard to pretend never happened. “You were at your smartest when you were with me, I’ll give you that.” He said, and I couldn’t help but laugh. He was right. “It’s cause I hung around you all the time, and you were a good influence,” I replied, while playfully punching him in the arm. He laughed, a laugh I hadn’t seen since our time together. Now we flash forward to where the future took hold. We lost touch, and he moved to Pennsylvania. I promised myself I’d never forget him, and the impact he made on my life. I promised I’d never forget that hug I gave him the last day I saw him at graduation. I promised I’d always hold onto the tears I cried as he walked out the door to his new life thousands of miles away, knowing I’d probably never see him again. I grew older and met the love of my life. Together we had a beautiful daughter, and soon she was growing up too. At the age of 23 she brought home her fiance, and told her father and I the good news. I met my daughter’s husband’s parents at the day of their wedding, and to my surprise I was in front of a familiar face. He smiled at me the same way he did when we were kids, and the same light in my eyes appeared. “Our kids are getting married, how small is the world?” He said to me, as we sat down. “We may have missed our time to be together, but they didn’t make the same mistake.” I replied. We both smiled, without saying another word. Knowing that in another life it would’ve been us up there in black and white, still young, and still full of those laughs and love in our eyes we had when we saw each other all those years ago, standing by the lockers arguing about feminism. Him yelling fuck in the hallway, and making snide comments. The same smile he’d get when I’d look at him, or the sarcastic remarks we’d make. Knowing in another life, the mistake that we made, wouldn’t be the one we’d end up making.

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