The Baby Project

L.R.H fanfiction
What if Calum had a secret sister?


Author's note

A/N I own only my story plot. 5SOS can stay 5SOS

2. Nightmares and School

Luke's P.O.V:

I wake up to screaming next to me. I bolt upright.

"Skylar? Wake up baby, it was just a bad dream. It's okay, I'm here now. Shh. Shh." I rock her, and she wakes up, gasping.


"Yeah. It's me. It's okay. You're okay." She hugs me.

I slip my jumper over her head and carry her downstairs. When we get down there, I make her a hot chocolate. She's curled up in a ball when I go into the living room. I hand the chocolate to her.

"Thanks, Luke."

 When she's finished, I take the cup back into the kitchen, then carry her upstairs, where she falls asleep in my arms. I lay her in bed, then stay up on Instagram for a while. I have a Direct Message from somebody.

Go kill yourself, no one loves you.

I delete it, then turn my phone off. I fall asleep again, knowing Sky will never know how much she means to me.

--The Next Morning.--

Someone shakes me awake. I open my eyes and find Sky straddling my waist. I freeze. She laughs.

"We've got to get to the school, dope." I lift my phone up and look at the time. 7:45. I grab Sky and sit her on the bed, whilst I pull some clean clothes on. She is already dressed, wearing the exact same clothes as I am. A Nirvana shirt and ripped skinny jeans. She is doing her makeup when I go and brush my teeth. I gel my hair, then go and wake Calum. He is already awake. I bolt downstairs and grab a granola bar before yelling for the two Hoods. We all get in the car, then go and pick up Ashton. I drive to school.

--A Few Hours Later--

Calum, Sky and I all walk into childcare, followed closely by the teacher and a box of things that he is pulling on a trailer. We all sit down.

"Now, I understand that Skylar is new, but the Baby Project we spoke about will still go ahead- Including her. Now pairs. Calum and Arzaylea, Michael and Jessica, Ashton and Lola, Luke and Skylar, Jadon and Chloe, and Adam and Elizabeth," I look at Sky. "Now. Your parents have already signed the sheets, so I have permission on this. You and your partner will live in a house together, along with a baby that you have adopted from the orphanage here in Sydney. You will prove that you can get along with your partner- and I don't mean as friends- and look after your child as well. You will have to agree on a name for your child, buy items and food for the house, get a job, and learn to share a bedroom with your partner. As it is the last lesson, you will collect the child now, along with a house key for each of you, and take them to form. Beware- for some partners, you will have twins if I think you can do it. Your things will have to be brought from your houses, and you are allowed two cars altogether."

 After we pick up the house keys, we all go to the orphanage to pick up our assigned children.

"Luke and Skylar? These are your twins." He shows us two cute two-week-old babies. A boy and a girl. I pick up one, and Skylar picks up the other. Michael walks over.

"Look, Sky, whilst this is all going on, having to get on with our partners in this 'Project', I think we should put our relationship on hold."
"You're breaking up with me?" She whispers. He nods.

"It's all for the best, Sky." He says. She hugs me, then kisses my cheek. 

"Let's go back to school, partner." We both laugh.












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