The Baby Project

L.R.H fanfiction
What if Calum had a secret sister?


Author's note

A/N I own only my story plot. 5SOS can stay 5SOS

5. Babysitters and Ice Cream

"Yeah, I'm fine, Luke. It's just that he is invading our personal lives. I can't put up with it."

"I know, baby, and you only have to put up with it for one more month. One. It will all be fine. I promise you."

"I love you, Luke."

"I love you too, Skylar."

"Can we go home?"

"Of course, baby girl." I smile at the nickname.

He walks out with me to the car. We get in and drive home. When we get home, the babysitter is still there with the kids.

"Thanks for looking after the kids, hun," I say, handing her two twenties. "I'll call you if we need you again."

Luke and I take the kids out for ice cream, but we get stared at, so Luke drives down to the beach.

Smiling, I hand Maddie her ice cream. She licks it, then it drips on her dress. She starts crying. I take the ice cream and give it to Luke to hold. I grab a clean dress, socks, and shoes, as well as a diaper. I take her dress off, put the clean one on, and change her socks, shoes, and diaper. She giggles and finishes her ice cream. I laugh, and once the twins are finished, we go home.

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